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any recently hatched animal (especially birds)

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The majority of hatchlings in the sampling were female, suggesting that across the four seasons most nest temperatures were not sufficiently cool to produce males," said Wyneken.
They've stolen hatchlings apart from a few breeding royal pythons and they're only three feet long anyway.
Artificial lights on the beach disorient hatchlings and can cause them to move away from the sea.
Furthermore, hatchlings in more-acidic water were an average five percent smaller than those in normal seawater, and they had misshapen, disorganized statoliths.
After being alerted by security guards, we helped guide some of the hatchlings safely to the sea, because the nest was a little further from the shoreline than usual.
After being alerted by security guards at the Sdiyat public beach, we observed them and helped guide some hatchlings safely to the sea.
And about 75 percent of those hatchlings reach the sea.
Hatchlings (n = 5) were maintained in the same container with the washed egg clusters.
The adult greenbacks and leatherbacks stand guard over the adorable hatchlings, protecting the newborns from circling gulls.
Two hatchlings, Ella and Ricky, are also snared by the poachers and join their grandparents on the terrifying adventure.
Breslaw is the master of the hatchlings and is missing an eye, an ear, a leg and half a tail from his warrior days and Gutgust, one of Skarper's batch brothers, leer out from the back cover.
Olive ridley turtle hatchlings swim in a plastic container before their release into the ocean in Salina Cruz in Oaxaca State on September 28.
Instead, the light sketches in marker shed light on Abby's wondrous reality as the stone hatchlings follow her around the house or sing on her windowsill.
Most of the hatchlings had very soft shells, including some that would bend like tissue paper.