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any recently hatched animal (especially birds)

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Then their three hatchling were observed up to be able to flight and depending on themselves for feeding.
Larry is the second Nile hatchling obtained under similar circumstances.
Kaplan and Mooney investigated whether the ocean's changing chemistry might affect the developing eggs and hatchlings of the common Atlantic longfin squid.
Health officials in Philadelphia issued a health warning in October 2008 when salmonella cases spiked in the city from street vendors selling hatchling sliders.
Deaths of turtle eggs and hatchlings in nests buried at hotter, drier beaches are the leading projected cause of the potential climate-related decline, according to the study by a research team from Drexel University, Princeton University, other institutions and government agencies.
Fill in holes that may entrap hatchlings on their way to the water;
Necrotic egg and hatchling remains are key factors attracting dipterans to sea turtle (Caretta caretta, Chelonia mydas, Natator depressus) nests in central Queensland, Australia.
It was coiled around a recently- hatched egg, adjacent to a hatchling Sauropod.
Experts say the snake - a previously undiscovered species that has been named sanajeh - was about to eat a hatchling.
Fortunately, hatchling tortoises carry yolk left over from their eggs, and they can stay underground and live off the yolk for months.
The team's results suggest that hatchling turtles rely primarily on sight to reach the sea but also use their sense of smell and their ability to discern Earth's magnetic field, says Gutierrez-Ospina.