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Synonyms for hatchet man

Synonyms for hatchet man

a professional killer

one whose job it is to execute unpleasant tasks for a superior

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JIMMY CALDERWOOD has hit Scott Morrison in the pocket for claiming his manager only wants hatchet men at Aberdeen.
LIAM BUCHANAN insists Livingston's players were baffled to be labelled hatchet men after last week's cup loss to Rangers.
Such countries teem with ordinary hatchet men who happily jettison their human and professional dignities in an effort to gain favor with those who have the power.
Paul Heatley bagged a brace for the Hatchet men with Gary McCutcheon and David Magowan also on target.
Jackie McNamara feared Sean Dillon's return from injury would be wrecked by Spanish hatchet men.
EDEN HAZARD had no fear about becoming a target for English football's hatchet men following his dream Premier League debut for Chelsea.
It was these financial hatchet men who in 1992 broke our currency and forced Britain out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, causing the financial meltdown in 2008.
These people need proper education, free from attention of hatchet men looking over their shoulders and ruining their lives by extortion and corrupt practices.
URUGUAY coach Oscar Tabarez has rubbished his country's reputation as hatchet men ahead of their World Cup opener against France today.
SO the two-time Footballer of the Year is arrogant and the Premier League's hatchet men are getting away with murder.
Manchester United assistant manager Carlos Queiroz at least apologised properly in an interview (unlike Arsene Wenger) for mentioning Taylor in relation to football's hatchet men.
Bush now finds himself aghast at "a party of pork-barrel ear-markers like Dennis Hastert, of political hatchet men like Karl Rove, and of Bible-thumping hypocrites like Tom Delay, all giving oleaginous cover to a profligate Congress that ran up eye- popping deficits and an insulated White House run by a self-righteous Texan and his arrogant inner circle of sycophants and cronies.
The Wall Street Journal, a Bush cheerleader, also reported on this story, but Bush and his hatchet men singled out the Times because it serves their political interests to attack a liberal newspaper.
That august newspaper waxed eloquent the next day about hard-faced hatchet men from Transport House - my relations with the ladies and gentlemen of the press have improved over the years
By the time the Serbian army rolled into Kosovo, Milosevic's hatchet men operated out of nationalist fervor, slaughtering innocents in village after village.