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Synonyms for hatchet man

Synonyms for hatchet man

a professional killer

one whose job it is to execute unpleasant tasks for a superior

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The challenge by Bennett on Sane was late and didn't look good but I don't believe there are any hatchet men like there used to be.
The challenge by Bennett on Sane didn't look good, but there aren't any hatchet men like there used to be.
but their profession can be described as nothing but being hatchet men for certain powerful people.
Bush now finds himself aghast at "a party of pork-barrel ear-markers like Dennis Hastert, of political hatchet men like Karl Rove, and of Bible-thumping hypocrites like Tom Delay, all giving oleaginous cover to a profligate Congress that ran up eye- popping deficits and an insulated White House run by a self-righteous Texan and his arrogant inner circle of sycophants and cronies.
The Wall Street Journal, a Bush cheerleader, also reported on this story, but Bush and his hatchet men singled out the Times because it serves their political interests to attack a liberal newspaper.
That august newspaper waxed eloquent the next day about hard-faced hatchet men from Transport House - my relations with the ladies and gentlemen of the press have improved over the years
By the time the Serbian army rolled into Kosovo, Milosevic's hatchet men operated out of nationalist fervor, slaughtering innocents in village after village.
The hagiographers and the hatchet men have only begun to do their best--or their worst--on the already weathered marble bust of Rudolf Nureyev's reputation.
The challenge by Bennett on Sane didn't look good but there aren't any hatchet men like there used to be.
LIAM BUCHANAN insists Livingston's players were baffled to be labelled hatchet men after last week's cup loss to Rangers.
ALAN Pardew has warned Joey Barton he will continue to be a target for opposition hatchet men during Newcastle's nervy run-in, as rival managers want to get the volatile midfielder to lose his temper.
Once again the hatchet men of the tabloids and party politics have had their way.
ANDRIY SHEVCHENKO has vowed he won't be booted into submission by the Premiership's hatchet men.
FIFA president Sepp Blatter last night moved to protect Brazilian star Ronaldo from the World Cup hatchet men.
CALLUM WILSON insists he's not scared of the League One hatchet men who are targeting him after his sensational start to the season.