hatchet man

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Synonyms for hatchet man

Synonyms for hatchet man

a professional killer

one whose job it is to execute unpleasant tasks for a superior

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MANCHESTER United assistant manager Carlos Queiroz has apologised to Martin Taylor for suggesting the Birmingham defender was a hatchet man.
Ironically, Steele had survived for five years under the rule of Deadly Doug Ellis, the original hatchet man, and worked with four managers John Gregory, Graham Taylor, David O'Leary and, fleetingly, O'Neill.
That comes with the political risk of giving Gordon Brown, or his hatchet man Ed Balls, time to rubbish the seemingly less popular ideas and hijack those that suit him.
Eddie Thompson says he can't understand his hatchet man image.
Replace minority with socialist, feminine with proletarian, and we're back to the days of Stalin and his ideological hatchet man, Zhdanov.
In a fit of ill-temper, Stanley denounced the Times' importation of "a European hatchet man to savage his book.
But the hatchet man portrayed by critics seems not to jibe with Fang's easygoing demeanor.
Maybe it was a Democratic mole engaged in the kind of dirty tricks that Richard Nixon's hatchet man Donald Segretti elegantly termed "ratfucking.
And you can see how, in Vinnie Jones Goes To Hollywood, BBC1's portrait of the one-time hatchet man of football who's now mixing it with the movie makers.
But with Al Gore at the top of the ticket, the Democrats don't need another hatchet man.
The president's hatchet man, James Carvell, was referring to Jones when he said: ``drag a $100 bill through a trailer park, and there's no telling what you might attract.
It's an effective, unpretentious suspense from Hatchet man Adam Green.
TANNADICE new boy Paul Paton is determined to show he's not a hatchet man as he prepares to make the step up to the top flight.
She paid Ian McGregor, the hatchet man from America, millions to close down certain industries.