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Although this is far from a definitive Guevara biography, it is a welcome alternative to the hagiographies and hatchet jobs that have thus far characterized accounts of the life of this important 20th century figure.
But search as I might I cannot find any mention of our democratically elected representatives doing any hatchet jobs on their allowances, always taking into account that many of the said representatives have also got full-time jobs in their own right.
5million and ex-deputy PM Prezza will get a reported pounds 500,000 for their hatchet jobs on Gordon Brown.
Then we had Thierry Henry, a man who carries himself with good grace despite the attempted hatchet jobs that come his way in the Premiership, play acting against Spain.
I LOVE sleaze, especially a sensational unauthorised biography, and after her hatchet jobs on Nancy Reagan and Frank Sinatra, Kitty Kelley has to be the best in the business.