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a place where eggs are hatched under artificial conditions (especially fish eggs)

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Recently, more and more trials demonstrated that concentrating the vaccination in the hatchery could significantly improve the profitability to the farmers.
During his visit to monitor the fish stocking at Chasma biodiversity hatchery, he said that such projects were aimed at judicious fish conservation, management and development of Barrages reservoir for better exploitation and utilization of such large fisheries resource.
Harrietta State Fish Hatchery (west of Cadillac) stocked 33,698 fall fingerling Wild Rose strain brown trout weighing 1,625 pounds at one location.
Two of the remaining sport fish hatcheries are operated by the state, one is a research hatchery operated by the National Marine Fisheries Services, and one hatchery is operated by the Metlakatla Indian Community.
But have you ever wondered what all goes into getting that box of chicks from the hatchery to your post office or local feed store?
They recognized that Genoa National Fish Hatchery in Wisconsin had great potential to contribute to the endangered dragonfly's recovery efforts.
They used a portion of the bangus hatchery for their mud crab hatchery.
Built in 1980, Salmon River became the last and largest hatchery of the state-operated system of 12 fish hatcheries.
an animal feeds manufacturer, is developing a fish hatchery in Patar, a coastal village facing the West Philippine Sea.
Two flyfishing groups had sought a court order barring Fish and Wildlife from releasing more than 360,000 smolts in the McKenzie until the state found a way to limit to 10 percent the proportion of hatchery salmon that swim upstream and spawn with wild salmon.
Plans to convert a hatchery at Cynrig, near Brecon, into a freshwater and fisheries research centre, have been derided by opponents as a "vanity project".
Tidal Lagoon Power, the firm behind the energy plan for a site close to Swansea Docks, said: "Designed to complement local industry and heritage, the watersport and hatchery centre will provide an outdoors focussed centre of excellence for both recreational and competitive sporting facilities alongside research and development facilities for various marine industries.
In 1963 he worked as a bailiff and then moved into rearing fish for the River Board at Reivers Well Hatchery in the Coquet Valley.
Archita Ray, a resident of the town of Amtali in Tripura, has been running a private hatchery successfully for the last 14 years.
Fisheries practitioners and scholars and researchers in biological and environmental sciences review current and emerging technologies in aquaculture hatchery for hatchery operators, scientists, and educators.