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a place where eggs are hatched under artificial conditions (especially fish eggs)

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This is especially important for salmon recovery, and it moves us toward more coordinated and sophisticated management of hatcheries, harvest and habitat.
This virus is a rhabdovirus in the same class as the IHN virus that has caused fish mortalities in the region's salmon and steelhead hatcheries.
Rob Jones, hatcheries and inland fisheries chief for the fisheries service in Portland, said there are marked differences between the Sandy and McKenzie River hatchery programs.
We realize the important role that hatcheries play in supporting recreational opportunities in nearby communities, and it's important that those communities have a stake in this process,'' DFG director Ryan Broddrick Broddrick said.
Judith Maule is the Interpretation and Education Coordinator for several national fish hatcheries, a fish health center, and a national wildlife refuge in the Lower Columbia River Gorge.
Researchers at Oregon State University say they are surprised by the speed of evolution and natural selection that takes place among salmonids in adapting to hatcheries.
Hopelain said fishery managers prefer wild-trout fisheries because they are more cost effective and efficient than hatcheries.
In recent years, scientists have cautioned against overreliance on hatcheries in efforts to aid the recovery of endangered populations of wild salmon and steelhead.
In the meantime, it's status quo for the hatcheries that service Southern California and the Eastern Sierra.
Funds for hatcheries in the Upper Willamette District come from federal flood control project remediation funds.
DFG officials cite the Kernville Hatchery, operated by a local group of volunteers with help and technical advice from the DFG, as a possible model for other hatcheries.
The Army Corps of Engineers document that allocates the specified mitigation poundage of hatchery fish to the southern Willamette system specifies how many fish the hatcheries should produce, but it does not define where the fish should be stocked.
Not the only production facility which serves popular fishing water in the Eastern Sierra, Hot Creek is, however, one of only three hatcheries in the state that provides eight million rainbow trout eggs for other hatcheries.
SB 545 directs the Department of Fish and Wildlife to study pathogens in its fish hatcheries and to determine the best practices for successfully raising fish in hatcheries.
But his restoration project is one of the few that California hatcheries are undergoing.