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Synonyms for hatched

emerged from an egg

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shaded by means of fine parallel or crossed lines


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SHE laid some more in June, and she was permitted to keep them herself: but only four of them hatched.
These are then placed in the almost air-tight incubators to be hatched by the sun's rays after a period of another five years.
Although not all PokAaAaAeA@mon can be hatched from Eggs, a large number the collectible pocket monsters do.
Under the constant temperature, hatching rhythmicity was greatly reduced and eggs hatched throughout the 24-h period.
In this study, we provide new taxonomic descriptions of late-stage eggs and newly hatched larvae, as well as temperature-response models of hatching (timing, duration, success), and larval size-at-hatch and posthatch survival at four temperatures (2[degrees], 5[degrees], 9[degrees], and 12[degrees]C).
The pair's first chick hatched last Saturday morning watched by a crowd of eager onlookers in the visitor centre.
7 d in total) was calculated (out of the total number of hatched eggs per egg mass).
3 : to develop usually in secret <They hatched an evil plan.
The babies that heard the sounds hatched more quickly.