hatcheck girl

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a female checker


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off the grey fedora and hands it to the hatcheck girl.
They're down to their last three employees, the director, a guard, and the hatcheck girl.
Larry, whose father was a bartender, whose mother was a hatcheck girl at the Copacabana, and so were never home for dinner; he seemed to subsist on gigantic bowls of cereal taken standing up, leaning against the sink.
Burnett wanted to do it so badly, she left UCLA before graduation and moved to New York City, where she made ends meet by getting a job as a hatcheck girl.
A hatcheck girl once said of her jewellery: "Goodness, what beautiful diamonds.
When the band received notices far less than hell on wheels, Rae entered Leeds University to study English literature, spending evenings working as a hatcheck girl in a local jazz club.
She admitted that she became a prostitute when she was just 19 after a man offered her pounds 40 for sex when she was working as a nightclub hatcheck girl.
Those are the kind of movies you got noticed in even if you were playing the hatcheck girl,'' says Thornton.