hatchback door

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a sloping rear car door that is lifted to open


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In its notice to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to recall the Libero vehicles, Mitsubishi said bolts connecting the car body and struts that prop the hatchback door open are too weak to stand the shock of repeated opening and shutting of the door.
Mitsubishi received 18 claims related to defective hatchback door attachments, including the injury case, between March 2001 and May this year.
In a few years, he expects demand to blossom in roofs, fenders, and hatchback doors that are now steel or SMC.
But if you happen to be in a multi storey car park where you can't open the hatch fully there is what Renault calls its "boot chute", which is in effect is a small, bottom hinged boot lid set into the hatchback door.
The normal rear hatchback door is replaced with the same kind of drop- down boot lid as the original Mini of 1959, which acts as a loading platform.
As it considers possible federal action to improve hatchback door latch performance in all vehicles, the agency is requesting public comment by March 28 on a new agency analysis of information on ejection injuries and fatalities.
Another OSU paper showed one of the first applications of RTM mold-filling analysis to large-area, complex parts, such as an automotive inner-hood panel and hatchback door panel, each with areas over 20 sq ft.
The boot is small with just under 670 litres of space, but you can access it through a convenient lift-up rear window as well as by the more usual hatchback door.
A large hatchback door opens up to reveal a low loading lip leading to a roomy cargo area which, with the double action rear seats folded up against the front pews, can create 48 cubic feet of capacity in a boot which also provides hooks to secure items.
We also sell on all the wheels, tires, hatchback doors, sunroof assemblies, mirrors and lamp assemblies that we reclaim.
In March 1999, Venture announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Peguform GmbH, a leading international designer and manufacturer of complete interior modules, door panels and dash boards; and of exterior modules and other structural plastic body parts, including bumper fascias and hatchback doors.
These vehicles are powered by 250 to 1000 CC engines, with automatic transmissions, air conditioning, power windows, CD players and rear hatchback doors.