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a round piece of luggage for carrying hats

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We receive hundreds of emails and letters from customers each month telling us how they're still using the hatboxes to store photos, greeting cards, baby clothes, and special mementos.
Right: Hatboxes made a good impression in WestPoint Stevens' blanket offering.
history are squirreled away in cigar boxes and hatboxes across Lane County.
A nightshirt and socks hang from a clothes horse in the Hardman's back parlour; coat hangers are scattered haphazardly under the bedroom wardrobe, while hatboxes from Robb Bros of Birkenhead are stacked above.
We build on shelves, stairs, inside hatboxes and instrument cases, and under water in all aquarium.
Floor-standing versions often have pull-out clothes rails, shirt drawers and hatboxes.
The bridesmaids were in blue Vera Wang Wedgwood sheaths, the four-tier blue-and-white cake shaped like stacked hatboxes.
They then dumped her hatboxes and Prince Philip's clothes beside them.
The bathroom can be a place to display his collection of antique mugs, her Chinese robes, hatboxes and rose paintings.
Among treasures in the accessory category are vintage hatboxes and the hats within, about 100 purses, gloves and old hankies.
Our products including vintage cup and saucer candles, lace parasols and hatboxes are on www.
Gift companies using hatboxes to package and send everything from pajamas to live flowers.
If your New Year's resolution is to be more organised and the clear the clutter, this set of hatboxes could be just the inspiration you need.
You could set each table with a different shaped mossed purse with flowers or with hats or hatboxes or gloves or other vintage items, mossed or not.