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a round piece of luggage for carrying hats

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I collect things for their evocations, their associations: programs and ticket stubs (1960s baseball, local theater, Canadian Football League); postcards (our street in 1910, Sinclair Lewis's home, 19th-century observatories); badges and banners from local fairs and rallies; hatboxes and shoehorns from the downtown stores of my boyhood; campaign pinbacks from the ones who had a notion, from Hiram Johnson to Norman Mailer.
A few feet away the original Supremes step off a plane in full hair and makeup, elegantly attired and toting hatboxes.
Within each of the hatboxes, there is not just a hat but also a number of coordinating silk scarves and sometimes cashmere jumpers.
The main character is Lulu Ames, a stylish young widow from Akron, who arrives at the Hotel Marlowe with her hatboxes and a miniature French poodle in the hope of making up for years lost in a suffocating marriage.
The man would come and go, often causing her mother to throw skerricks of lace and silk into tiny padded hatboxes.
Into that world come the English "gels" of Madame Dubonnet's Finishing School, an immensely well-bred riot of expensive giggles in cut-glass accents, cloche hats, low-waisted pastel dresses, white gloves and "character" shoes, carrying candy-striped hatboxes.
Right: Hatboxes made a good impression in WestPoint Stevens' blanket offering.
history are squirreled away in cigar boxes and hatboxes across Lane County.
Barbara Mock Enchante Accessories Hatboxes, notecards,
A nightshirt and socks hang from a clothes horse in the Hardman's back parlour; coat hangers are scattered haphazardly under the bedroom wardrobe, while hatboxes from Robb Bros of Birkenhead are stacked above.
We build on shelves, stairs, inside hatboxes and instrument cases, and under water in all aquarium.
Floor-standing versions often have pull-out clothes rails, shirt drawers and hatboxes.
The bridesmaids were in blue Vera Wang Wedgwood sheaths, the four-tier blue-and-white cake shaped like stacked hatboxes.
They then dumped her hatboxes and Prince Philip's clothes beside them.