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a round piece of luggage for carrying hats

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The desserts were served on gold Annieglass and pastel pink and green hatbox tops with gold edges.
Following Kohler's successful 2005 launch of the Purist Hatbox toilet, whose tank-less silhouette redefined the bathroom category, Numi breaks the mould with its entirely new visual and technical language.
They saw their influence in the "shopping sites" around the art room--setups in the children's old fish tank, in a hatbox or in a parts drawer.
72) The story, of course, was also sensational--the girl was a servant in "a respectable house" where the body of the illegitimate infant had been found in a locked hatbox with a piece of calico cloth in its mouth.
REVEL in glory - Soap & Glory - if you get her this Soap & Glory:The Mini SeriesO - Mini Collection Hatbox.
Today the hat sits on a gold metallic hatbox on Heldt's living room coffee table.
She emptied a hatbox on the bed and removed the hat inside.
FLOWER POWER: Fearne's Favourites Hatbox HANDS ON: Fearne was closely involved wth creating her make-up range, including the Compact and Bijou, right
And if she actually ends up doing that, I'll eat my hatbox.
He hid the journal, together with other treasures, in an old hatbox his mother had given him.
The Powder Room is reminiscent of a hatbox, with retro fashion advertisements on the walls.
The House of Champagne Perrier-JouE1/2t and leading milliner Stephen Jones have collaborated to create the ultimate luxury accessory of the season: a personalised limited-edition leather hatbox and matching designer hat, exclusively available at Harrods.
Rosaline, after approaching an old Gothic door that forces her, in spite of its rotten appearance to have recourse to some rusty old keys, unfastens a grate, throws aside rattling massy chains, and makes her way through "ghastly skull bones that hung in grim appalling array" (1:218) and across a floor strewn with human bones, with--apart from a momentary wooziness brought on by the "terrific spectacle"--hardly more agitation than if she'd been crossing a lumber room in search of a hatbox.
Each chocolate, created from premium quality ingredients, is presented in packaging resembling a small hatbox or miniature jewel, adding to their unique cachet in a competitive international market.