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a round piece of luggage for carrying hats

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The desserts were served on gold Annieglass and pastel pink and green hatbox tops with gold edges.
3), with its truckle bed, old trunks, hatbox, paddle, lifebelt and potted aloes: 'the poignant potential of the objects, abandoned in limbo between seasons, outdoor pleasures or anticipated guests, is charged with nostalgia as well as absurdity.
Having chucked in his lot with England and received a hatbox full of under-21 caps, he never graduated to the full squad and consequently has gone back to the country of his birth for the last dance.
Much food had to be prepared for such a journey, such as a large hatbox full of hard boiled eggs, salt, and olive oil, along with tarts and pies with savory stuffings.
When a baby is found abandoned in a hatbox in Stansted Airport, Daisy and Ronald Dashwood, who lack for nothing except a child (and compassion), rush to adopt her.
The 1998 exhibit "Mirroring Evil" at the Jewish Museum of New York induced outrage with works like "Prada Deathcamp," a model of a concentration camp built using a Prada hatbox.
Following Kohler's successful 2005 launch of the Purist Hatbox toilet, whose tank-less silhouette redefined the bathroom category, Numi breaks the mould with its entirely new visual and technical language.
It was a square box a little bigger than a hatbox, but it was a treasure chest to me.
They saw their influence in the "shopping sites" around the art room--setups in the children's old fish tank, in a hatbox or in a parts drawer.
A hatbox, watercolor sets, a pair of slippers, an umbrella stand, an armchair piled high with pillowcases and blankets, a chess set, a half-finished painting on the table by the window, a broken kite, toy soldier .
REVEL in glory - Soap & Glory - if you get her this Soap & Glory:The Mini SeriesO - Mini Collection Hatbox.
Today the hat sits on a gold metallic hatbox on Heldt's living room coffee table.
She emptied a hatbox on the bed and removed the hat inside.