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a band around the crown of a hat just above the brim

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In this progress I was much annoyed by the abject Pumblechook, who, being behind me, persisted all the way as a delicate attention in arranging my streaming hatband, and smoothing my cloak.
Sam dutifully adjusted the hat with the long hatband more firmly on his father's head, and the old gentleman, resuming his kicking with greater agility than before, tumbled with Mr.
Workers in the dynamite industry of the past, for example, would adapt to nitroglycerine exposure and have to place some under their hatbands to avoid withdrawal, or breathe in their clothes over the weekend.
These mementos were often dormant fig cuttings, little more than sticks, tucked carefully away in steamer trunks, clothing bags, and even hatbands.
Small, rectangular tickets were exchanged and we'd put those tickets in our hatbands.
To see the consequences of these falsehoods for the political realm we have only to look at the example of the Ensign himself, whose fancy chains, hatbands, and other adornments--"toda aquella balumba y aparato" (233)--were all a bunch of fakery.
At Goodwood, it's the racecourse colours that stand out, on hatbands, socks, waistcoats, ties, key fobs and umbrellas, in red and yellow, a bit like the 'rhubarb and custard' combination favoured by the Marylebone Cricket Club, only brighter, a sort of 'egg yolk and ketchup' affair that can be seen at a distance of six furlongs, even at night.
The Bugband Geraniol Writsbands can be worn on belt loops, hatbands, pet collars, fastened in tents or attached to baby carriages to repel insects.
She'd gone to work at a hat maker's at the age of eleven, and it had been an unsavory situation that included more than merely fashioning hatbands out of black ribbon.
The trombonist in 'civvies' second from the left is Fred Noble, Eric's father (Kirklees ref: ke01894, Examiner ref: 49- FAMILY AFFAIR: The Denby Dale Salvation Army band flying the flag in the early 1900s SMART: According to the hatbands, the Salvation Army Band, possibly from 1919.
Head gear of note for every crown, Complete with ribbed hatbands.
Past the dazzled eyes of the citizens flashed flags and banners, McKinley and Hobart umbrellas, tin canes and horns, tin plumes and streamers, badges of raw wool, gold badges, gold neckties, gold hatbands, sprigs of goldenrod, gold-trimmed bicycles.
A little koa wood here, some woven lauhala there, bamboo, grass cloth, shells and glass floats, Kona hats and feather hatbands.