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shop selling women's hats


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Her son Gordon, 63, said: "My mum is an amazing lady, who is as passionate about hats today as she was 80 years ago, when she started out as a cleaner in a hat shop in Wishaw.
ELVIS POMPILIO: Part hat shop, part art gallery, Elvis Pompilio's boutique is full of hats that could double as art installations.
LocalTel; Gellatly Properties; The Wood Shop & Hat Shop, Telford's Chapel of the Valley; and Cashmere Valley Bank.
For more call 09050 700 440 Virgo August 23 - Sept 22 IF you spend your day running a hat shop you're a milliner, if you spend your days running a hat shop and wanting to be a chef you're still a milliner.
A PARTYGOER dressed as the Incredible Hulk got so angry at remarks about his superhero costume that he threw a man through a hat shop window.
The vintage hat shop Village Scandal has been battling eviction with several court cases in the past few months, EV Grieve reported.
LONDON/NEW YORK: The London Metal Exchange (LME), founded 134 years ago above a hat shop in the financial district, may be the latest major mutual exchange to be bought after record trading volumes attracted the interest of multiple bidders.
San Francisco-born Goorin Brothers Hat Shop has opened at 337 Bleecker Street, as well as in Park Slope.
A long time ago, the building was a hat shop, or as I learned once on a boozy night out a "milliner's".
Rossetti found his favourite model Lizzie Siddal (Amy Manson) in a hat shop.
Northridge; Adventure 16, 2533-A Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance; Village Hat Shop, 429-A Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach; and at www.
Duniway taught school and oversaw a women's hat shop in Albany, an experience that, she said, opened her eyes to the inequities endured by women.
Based on a novel by British author Diana Wynne Jones, ''Howl's Moving Castle'' follows the transformation of a quiet hat shop seamstress into an old grandmother figure who is swept into the fantastical world of sorcery by a wizard named Howl.
His trophy cabinet is heaving with a league championship from his Leeds days, two FA cup runners-up medals with Newcastle and more caps than a Yorkshire hat shop.
It doesn't matter that a hat shop has been at Headgear's address since Grover Cleveland was president.