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Synonyms for hastiness

Synonyms for hastiness

hasty impulsiveness

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Such as the natural inclination to hastiness, desire and worry which has to be controlled and disciplined.
Now I would like to regard this certainty, not as something akin to hastiness or superficiality, but as a form of life.
The hastiness of the binders' work at folding, cutting, and sewing is evident in the many askew pages that appear in surviving copies, as well as the bulging spines of some, a symptom that, to the specialist's eye, indicates overly tight binding.
The participants learn the resistance to seduction, tolerance, recovery of self-esteem, blessing of awakening, tears, appreciation, emptiness, encounter, pain of hastiness, composure and slowness, and meditation through the arrows on the way after the travel.
However, 15 patients in urgent appendicectomy group had drain kept, reflecting hastiness to complete operation without adequate hemostasis.
Try not to trip yourself up with an uncharacteristic hastiness on Tuesday and Friday, though.
Palestinian hastiness led to strong criticism from a prominent Palestinian detainee in Israel, Marwan Barghouti, for not including the issue of prisoners and for the supposed ambiguous language on Jerusalem.
The first half was evidence of that as Everton's work-rate and organisation, coupled with Liverpool's hastiness to impose themselves on proceedings, resulting in a bitty affair.
The test gives five scores: 1) the global attention index (GAI) measures efficiency (speed of correct task execution); 2) number of commission errors (CE) captures when lack of attention leads to inaccuracy or imprecision; 3) number of omission errors (OE) measures lack of sustained attention independently of time; 4) task organization index (TOI) records the order in which the search takes place; and 5) the distraction-hastiness index (DHI) reports whether inattention is the result of distraction (spending time on other stimuli) or hastiness (responding so fast they err).
The work of journalists also involves notions of speed, fast decision-making, hastiness and working in accelerated real time (Deuze 2005: 449).
Saying that there has been hastiness is wrong, it's very wrong
As news on the future transatlantic deal came out, a high-ranking official of Brazil's presidency told newspapers Brazil had been following ongoing negotiations gwithout the hastiness of a subordinateh.
A[cedilla] Obama warns of his country's hastiness for waging wars and decides to intensify aids to Syrian opposition.
Naturally, a strong strain of wishful thinking is behind this hastiness.
The naive matchstick-men insurgents depicted in prints of July 1830 testify to the hastiness with which many lithographic artists inscribed their impressions.