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Synonyms for hastiness

Synonyms for hastiness

hasty impulsiveness

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The hastiness was evident from the lack of awareness of both, the contestants and the voters, regarding their rights and responsibilities, which define the true functioning of the Panchayat in any region.
However the American ambassador rejected this notion of presumed hastiness on behalf of America, which was declared as a prudent one.
The Turks have shown an imbalance, confusion and hastiness towards the Syrian file, which is a sensitive one and of importance to all the people of the region and to Syria's neighbours," he told Gulf News, in reference to the solid opposition of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad in dealing with the protests.
Reacting to a recent Security Council statement on Syria which was adopted on Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast noted on Thursday that the crisis in Syria should be solved through a political solution away from hastiness and foreign intervention.
Their insistence on starting procedures for a no confidence vote against the four-month-old Government of Kamal el-Ganzouri betrays the group's miscalculated hastiness and even political myopia.
The hastiness and pressure linked with the resolution was aimed at pleasing only the American Congress, which believed it was the sole conscience of the world.
The slurs and insults, those particular public bars which make it known Kooris are not welcome, the violent assaults on young people at the local show, the hastiness to report 'suspicious behaviour', the police who call Aboriginal children black bastards and say they wonder Kooris celebrate 21st birthdays when they don't know the ages of their kids.
154) The hastiness with which these amendments were issued does little to engender confidence in Board rules.
The fact of adoption of the amendments to the laws proved that hastiness was caused by wish of certain persons to impose the beneficial for them order of formation of courts on the president and the Parliament.
But hastiness was shown while executing Bhutto, he added.
Summary: Municipal decisions in the UAE, like the Abu Dhabi villa demolitions, are taken and enforced with ridiculously commendable speed but such hastiness can also inconvenience many residents.
The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) rallied to Abbas's side on Monday, warning that hastiness could expose U.
But if you are too keen to pursue this, your very hastiness may cause more problems than it solves.