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She got up and went to the table to measure herself by it, and found that, as nearly as she could guess, she was now about two feet high, and was going on shrinking rapidly: she soon found out that the cause of this was the fan she was holding, and she dropped it hastily, just in time to avoid shrinking away altogether.
A pain in my heart," she replied hastily, "obliged me to seek the aid of this little bottle.
Starting up in the darkness I snatched at my matches and, hastily striking one, I saw three stooping white creatures similar to the one I had seen above ground in the ruin, hastily retreating before the light.
Altogether one hundred and sixteen were in position or being hastily placed, chiefly covering Lon- don.
Villefort rose, or rather sprang, from his chair, hastily opened one of the drawers of his desk, emptied all the gold it contained into his pocket, stood motionless an instant, his hand pressed to his head, muttered a few inarticulate sounds, and then, perceiving that his servant had placed his cloak on his shoulders, he sprang into the carriage, ordering the postilions to drive to M.
the Professor hastily replied, unconsciously rubbing his ear, while some painful recollection seemed to cross his mind.
my Laura (replied she hastily withdrawing her Eyes from a momentary glance at the sky) do not thus distress me by calling my Attention to an object which so cruelly reminds me of my Augustus's blue sattin waistcoat striped in white
Then she sprang down hastily and returned to her place, changed the position of her picture, pretended to be still dissatisfied with the light, pushed a table close to the partition, on which she placed a chair, climbed lightly to the summit of this erection, and again looked through the crevice.
He hastily opened the letter produced, and was much disturbed to read in Tess's handwriting the sentiments expressed in her last hurried scrawl to him.
Welland hastily declared: "Oh, of course not, darling.
said Miss Tilney, as Catherine hastily closed it and turned away to the glass.
The officer flourished his arm and hastily rode away.
I wasn't thinking about my work," Ralph replied, rather hastily.
Then he nodded, hastily scrawled some dimensions on the margin of the little drawing and settled down again to work.
He turned and led them hastily towards the back door.