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Meanwhile, Martin's hysterical as Pauline makes an even hastier exit from her own funeral as her body is hauled off for a post-mortem.
They had previously beaten Marsh Conservative D by 13 points when Peter Heywood beat David Hastier on the last set of the match, to overcome a deficit of two points.
Reacting to forest fires with hastier and heavier salvage logging will only fuel further social discord and the flames of future fires.
In the new volume, Rieff collects some of his most significant articles from the period, adding an occasional preface or postscript in which he retrospectively reexamines his own impassioned judgments of the moment, retracting some of the hastier calls.
replacing the laborious activity of fabrication with a hastier form of
A hastier process also increases the likelihood that a final agreement won't receive unanimous approval from the Coliseum.
Also, people become time-starved, they are hastier in making decisions on how to spend their time.
Direct voting may at first seem admirably democratic, but Broder maintains convincingly that it can be hastier, harsher and more easily manipulated than the traditional representative system, with its deliberateness and checks and balances.
describes for hastier readers the political and economic history of Marseilles and its ancient topography and archaeology from the time of its foundation by the Greeks to its capture by Julius Caesar.
The MoD had plenty of time to work out how to handle this, but somehow still found itself making a hasty decision and an even hastier U-turn.