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Synonyms for haste

Synonyms for haste

Synonyms for haste

the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner

a condition of urgency making it necessary to hurry


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But as the lion's head appeared to be in no haste to speak, and as there was no record or tradition of its having spoken during the whole existence of the chair, Grandfather did not consider it worth while to wait.
He rang up his servant, dressed in haste, and went out onto the steps, completely forgetting the dream and only worried at being late.
The maid with the decanter in her haste had not closed the door (everything in the house was done in haste at that time), and Pierre and Anna Mikhaylovna in passing instinctively glanced into the room, where Prince Vasili and the eldest princess were sitting close together talking.
Let us make haste away," Svidrigailov whispered to her, "I don't want Rodion Romanovitch to know of our meeting.
Almost fainting, she sank on to a chair which Svidrigailov made haste to give her.
She rushed to the furthest corner, where she made haste to barricade herself with a little table.
But there seemed a terrible significance in the tone of that "make haste.
There were little wings of haste upon his feet, and he came straight to me, with the air of the Angel Gabriel about to make his divine announcement.
He trembled, therefore, for the power of his white son- in-law, and the new-fledged grandeur of his daughter, and assembled his warriors in all haste.
He had best make haste then, says I, or somebody will have her before he comes; and, indeed, says I, Mr Seagrim, it is a thousand pities somebody should not have her; for he certainly loves her above all the women in the world.
A deficiencia de N causou cessacao do crescimento, inibicao de hastes laterais, clorose generalizada e necrose em folhas velhas.
Assim como e importante na maioria dos estudos apresentados sobre colheita mecanica do cafe por vibracao, o estudo da frequencia, da amplitude, da regulagem do freio dos cilindros vibradores, das forcas de desprendimento dos frutos e das propriedades mecanicas, geometricas e dinamicas dos frutos, e tambem necessario um maior estudo e conhecimento do comportamento dinamico dos componentes mecanicos responsaveis pela transmissao da vibracao aos frutos do cafe, como, por exemplo, a frequencia e amplitude de vibracao das hastes vibratorias das colhedoras.
Golden Torch constataram, quanto ao numero de perfilhos, numero de inflorescencias, comprimento da haste floral, massa fresca das hastes florais e massa seca das hastes florais, que nao houve diferencas significativas.
Nas condicoes do Rio Grande do Sul, os frutos oriundos da inflorescencia terminal das hastes primarias amadurecem no final do verao e inicio do outono (marco a maio).
Tal atrito, por sua vez, e provocado pela movimentacao giratoria de hastes (ver figura 1) no interior do moinho.