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Synonyms for haste

Synonyms for haste

Synonyms for haste

the act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner

a condition of urgency making it necessary to hurry


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Holster : Critical Chance [DPS build], Skill Haste [Skill build]
Transcorridos 15 dias da omissao de N, a clorose foi observada em folhas mais velhas, localizadas ate o sexto no foliar da haste principal, da base para o apice da planta.
Analisando os resultados por meio de uma analise de variancia por parcelas subdivididas, foi verificado que eles apresentaram significancia para a interacao entre os tratamentos: Comprimento da haste, Freio e Vibracao, tanto para o deslocamento horizontal quanto para o deslocamento vertical, apresentando coeficiente de variacao de 10,74 e 12,31% respectivamente.
juxtaposing a language of haste with representations of irregular
Cannily, Mr Haste has been outlining the things that need changing, and he's been saying all the right things so far.
The company said that Haste will be paid GBP500,000 a year during an initial phase while Wonga looks for a permanent chief executive, after which his annual salary will fall to GBP300,000.
But speaking in London, former More Than insurance group chief executive Mr Haste admitted Wonga had made "serious mistakes" in the past.
Haste, who admitted he thought long and hard before taking the job, called the scandal "extremely regrettable".
But that does not imply that decisions have to be taken in haste or without adequate debate and discussion.
LAHORE -- Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) President Senator Ch Shujat Hussain has said that haste case of sedition of the Constitution against General (Retd.
Conclusion: HASTE sequence can be used to determine the invasion of the pulmonary mass to the mediastinal structures and the thoracic wall since it is more sensitive than computed tomography.
Asked about the opinion voiced by his former Test captain, England's limited-overs coach said: "It's harsh - I think it was said in haste by Michael.
Graham was black; the officer, Richard Haste, is white.
2010) constataram que houve diferenca significativa entre os tratamentos para o numero de perfilhos, comprimento da haste floral, diametro da haste floral e comprimento da bractea e obtiveram as maiores medias nos tratamentos com a adubacao organomineral indicando que a adubacao mineral pode, quando complementada com adubacao organica, contribuir para sua otimizacao.
He alleged that government worked out budget for the fiscal 2013-14 in haste and no relief was given to the poor segments of society through this budget.