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Synonyms for hassock

thick cushion used as a seat

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a cushion for kneeling on (as when praying in church)

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To restore Yellow Bar Hassock marsh island, 375,000 cubic yards of dredged sand were pumped onto the island and shaped to simulate the proper elevations of a marsh island.
HASSOCK A Garment worn by a priest B A kneeling stool C A fish basket who am I?
Well, that is easy to believe when you are kneeling on the hassock or singing All Things Bright And Beautiful.
We believe Yvonne Hassock is acting in a legal capacity on behalf of some of the residents and therefore is welcome to attend the meeting, but we would hope that some of the relatives of the residents that she is representing would also be in attendance.
Boston got on the board first, 5:26 into the game, when Sturm's shot from the top of the right circle along the boards beat Hassock, who was screened.
A hassock that opens to conceal bedding for a pullout sofa is indeed a luxury in a home office that doubles as a guest room.
There are so many different kinds it would take too long to list them all, though some of the better known include a creepie, a low stool found in Scottish churches dating from the late 17th century, a faldstool that has scrolled ends for siting in a window recess and a kneeler, which is basically a hassock.
Bradford Zippo Zip Light Personal Flashlight Winner International, Sharon Super Club Anti-Theft Car Device Lasko Hassock Fan Lasko Air Companion 15" Circulator Fan
8km link on the forest's famous Lonesome Pine route, known as Capon Hassock, which takes in staggering views of the border countryside.
Now her case is being taken up by lawyer Yvonne Hassock, who is campaigning to stop the elderly being forced out of their care homes -and has already saved 80 homes from closure.
In these lawless days churches, sadly, are used to having collection boxes stolen and even the odd hassock.
Consider accent pillows, a throw, a hassock, or organize a quartet of animal paintings to hang on a wall.
Like Velm," I said, squirming on something not quite stool, hassock, chair, or couch, "Nepiy has both an alien population and a human population, living largely in peace with one another.