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Synonyms for hassock

thick cushion used as a seat

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a cushion for kneeling on (as when praying in church)

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Ms Hassock, who has campaigned to save residential homes in Bury, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Hastings, East Sussex and others across the UK, told a meeting at Bradley Chapel, Leadgate, that statistics showed that when elderly people were moved after homes closed the death rate increased markedly.
We created a reference collection from Ruler's Bar Hassock to help identify plant parts; seeds were identified using Martin and Barkley (2000).
This has been the case with other marsh islands that USACE restored in Jamaica Bay and proved to be the same with the Yellow Bar Hassock project, which was completed during the summer of 2012.
It was the lady of the house, rescuing her beloved hassock from my beastly feet.
It was an antique stuffed hassock that had tipped over on the hot stove and was patiently smouldering.
I was allowed to mention my son's news flash, the way my heart went out, all the time I spent thinking my way along Rosa's dark path--the sawmill scene, ridicule from wormy schoolmates, her learning to play the cornet, then two years with the gospel quartet, the amazing radiance of the whirring hassock fan when she heard Clovane was dead in an accident involving Bacardi rum, a BOSE radio and a whirlpool bath.
ATLANTA-Decorative pillows have taken to the floor with a variety of oversized, travel, hassock and ottoman shapes.
It was applied to a soft ottoman or a large hassock.
The script is penned by Adi Hassock ("The Shadow Conspiracy") and Stuart Kelban.
For practice with balance, we tipped a round hassock on its side; Megan straddled it and rocked from side to side, tapping the floor with her foot.
HASSOCK A Garment worn by a priest B A kneeling stool C A fish basket who am I?
They accused Abbeyfield bosses, which lists its mission as "to enhance the quality of life for older people", of deliberately whittling down numbers of residents so they could sell the home - a charge denied by the company The family has been in talks with lawyer Yvonne Hassock and businessman Trevor Beattie, both of whom last year fought unsuccessfully to keep a Wolverhampton Council-run care home open so 106-year-old resident Louisa Watts could remain there.
We believe Yvonne Hassock is acting in a legal capacity on behalf of some of the residents and therefore is welcome to attend the meeting, but we would hope that some of the relatives of the residents that she is representing would also be in attendance.
Boston got on the board first, 5:26 into the game, when Sturm's shot from the top of the right circle along the boards beat Hassock, who was screened.
It was quite a traffic of messages and they were sometimes secreted in the most exotic places; such as the wardrobe in the vestry or under the Rector's hassock.