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an insignia worn to indicate years of service

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9) Lexicalized fingerspelled signs, very rare in ESL, are marked by hash mark (#) before the glossed sign.
The drill continues with #2 sprinting to the next hash mark and executing the same V-cut.
Note: Even if staff members don't add hash marks regularly, they become more aware of their language and the impact it may have on others.
If an entire hard drive has to be copied, Luther said lawyers will have to use software, as noted by Milbrath, that attaches a hash mark or hash function to the data.
Located in the hash mark are he members of the leadership team: CDR Randy Moore, Supply Officer; LCDR Greg Booth, Assistant Supply Officer; LT Brian Jeter, Stock Control; LT Heather Smith, Material; LTJG Dee Corley, HAZMAT; LTJG Rico Reyes, Aviation Stores; LTJG Bryan Boggs, Sales: LTJG Robin Paines, Wardroom: LTJG Dan Larsen, Food Service: and ENS Chris Jennings, Disbursing.
The goal was set up by the hard work of Rylan Schwartz, who outworked a Penguins defender along the right wall before feeding to Hamilton at the right hash mark.
Knowing which hash mark gives the correct holdover allows the shooter to make the hit.
For example, to make a 550-yard shot, you would hold on the hash mark between the 500- and 600-yard circles.
Moving the football past the next hash mark is one third of a day's work.
I college prospects, bending his kick from the right hash mark inside the left goal post.
Starting in front, bottom, from left making up the hash mark are CDR Ted Digges, Supply Officer; CDR(Sel) Matt Gibbons, Assistant Supply Officer; LCDR Brett Stevens, Prospective-ASO; and SKCS(SW/AW) Cezar Batac, Supply Leading Chief Petty Officer.
Each draw length option is indicated by a hash mark or letter (A, B, C, etc.
Each hash mark is an aiming point for 100 to 500 or 600 yard distances in 100-yard increments based on the trajectory and zeroing range of the cartridge you're using.
The drill can be set up with two defensive players (X1 and X2) starting the drill by literally being seated near the offense's sideline hash mark, and three offensive players (1, 2, and 3) in lines that start on the offensive baseline.
The Iwo Jima supply leadership in the photo includes CDR Greg Stroh, Supply Officer, and SKCS (AW/SW) Brad Olsen, Departmental LCPO making up the hash mark.