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Synonyms for hash

make a hash of something


Synonyms for hash

a ruinous state of disorder

to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

Synonyms for hash

chopped meat mixed with potatoes and browned

purified resinous extract of the hemp plant

chop up

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Take scrambled egg-substitute with hash browns, ham, and two pieces of toast, or pancakes or French toast with ham or two pieces of bacon.
The DesignWare SHA-3 Security IP is scheduled to be available in November 2015 as a standalone configurable hash core, as part of the cryptography software library or integrated in a security subsystem.
Since then, state and local law enforcement have responded to at least 44 explosions related to hash oil manufacturing, though no deaths have been reported.
calculating multiple HASH values for the same digital file using different HASH methods such that
Hash is a champion for causes, not only in the Baltimore area, but outside of the United States, the AACUC said.
Hash Cloud Studio based in San Carlos, California is one of few marketing firms offering this kind of services to businesses who could not otherwise afford a full marketing team.
Knowing which hash mark gives the correct holdover allows the shooter to make the hit.
BEIRUT: Fashion is all about sensuality, not sexuality, for French designer Anne Valerie Hash.
He said: "My biggest concern is not heroin or other hard drugs but the use of hash amongst teenagers.
Sambuchi has been running regularly since joining the Northboro Hash House Harriers, a club that combines exercise and alcohol.
Chan could not believe it, even after reading our names and seeing clearly that it was from the Queen," says Hasmukh, Hash to all.
Key words: HASH, fractal geometry, information system, authentication, fractal set
STARTED in the thirties in Kuala Lumpur by Army officers desperate to work off weekend hangovers, hash clubs now number nearly 2,000 worldwide and are always open to non-members.
In case that's too skimpy, the Slamwich comes with hash browns.
The Sofia Hash House Harriers is an active and very relaxed recreational and social group composed of Bulgarians and expats; visitors and first-time Hashers are always welcome.