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the gathering of a ripened crop

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An additional increase in vegetable production is expected due to the harvesting of white cabbage in LLC "Winner".
The interaction of harvesting date and storage revealed a significant influence on the TSS/ acid ratio, reducing sugars, juice percentage and ascorbic acid content of sweet orange fruits.
The Automated Cellular Expansion (ACE) System is a simple solution that should enable us to introduce the Isolagen Process on a global scale, and will allow us to pursue licensing opportunities with organizations engaged in cell propagation and harvesting.
The Protocol for Metadata Harvesting, a tool developed through the OAI, facilitates interoperability between disparate and diverse collections of metadata through a relatively simple protocol based on common standards (XML, HTTP, and Dublin Core).
Timber harvesting reduces this threat, provides wood fiber products, and helps maintain a healthy vigorous forest.
We were very excited about the new products--the total harvesting package--that we were introducing.
THE RECOMMENDATION of not harvesting alfalfa during a critical fall rest period based on calendar dates is often questioned, as the regrowth interval between the last two harvests appears to be a greater determinant of winter survival and spring regrowth than calendar dates (Sheaffer et al.
Two new research studies from Financial Executives Research Foundation, Harvesting Investments in Private Companies, by J.
Alexander Valley Vineyards, also in Geyserville, has finished harvesting its white wine grapes already and is moving on to its merlot.
Harvesting was done as close as possible to archaeological sites.
Pink Sheets:AXTG) announced today that the company will display their patented, energy-efficient Dimming/Daylight Harvesting (DDH) Fluorescent Ballasts at the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) annual Globalcon expo and conference at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on April 4 & 5, 2007.
7 harvesting of corn for grain began in Ryazan region.
THE HISTORICAL RECOMMENDATION of not harvesting alfalfa during a critical fall rest period has often been questioned (Tesar and Yager, 1985; Sheaffer et al.
By highgrading - harvesting only the biggest, best trees - when supplies were plentiful or overcutting when they were not, short-term-oriented landowners and timber companies often diminished the forests' economic value, and altered the species mix of the new forest.