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the gathering of a ripened crop

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This deduction is in addition to any state or utility rebates/incentives available for dimming/daylight harvesting products.
It's a perfectly sound system of harvesting and regenerating trees that doesn't have to be defended on silvicultural grounds.
But the visual impact of harvesting and the effect on wildlife will be lessened.
Developed with simplicity and ease of use for financial professionals in mind, Curian's new tax harvesting program includes:
Each year, Sweden grows 100 million cubic meters of wood (131 million cubic yards) while harvesting only 70 million cubic meters (91 million cubic yards), leaving a large and growing surplus on private ground.
By harvesting only trees 20 inches and larger, dense thickets of white fir have developed, blocking the sunlight demanded by pine seedlings.
Years later, in September 2005, a New York City detective came to the home of Dainis Zeltins and presented him with an allegedly forged release that allowed for the harvesting of tissue from the corpse of Mr.
Despite the increase, California continues to import more than 70 percent of the wood used in the state - with much of that wood coming from countries with fewer environmental protections for wood harvesting.
Blue Security's research team conducted a P2P harvesting test to determine how quickly spammers access and steal these e-mail addresses and personal information.
launch of the company's VASOVIEW(R) 6 Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting System for extracting vessels used by surgeons to perform coronary artery bypass procedures.
California is importing more wood than ever, with harvesting of trees in the state down more than 60 percent over the last 15 years, the California Forest Products Commission reported today in its first annual report on the state of the industry.
Guidant has licensed Starion's Thermal Welding technology for use in Guidant's cardiac surgery products to advance endoscopic vessel harvesting procedures.
Guidant Corporation (NYSE:GDT), a world leader in the treatment of cardiac and vascular disease, today announced an agreement with Starion Instruments to license tissue-welding technology for use in its next-generation cardiac surgery products to advance endoscopic vessel harvesting procedures.
In addition to harvesting 125 tons of grapes from the 55-acre Gunkel Family vineyard surrounding Maryhill, the winery receives an additional 410 tons of fruit from 11 vineyards situated in some of the best microclimates in Oregon and Washington.
Ocean Spray(R) begins harvesting white cranberries in early September just a few weeks earlier than red.