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Synonyms for harvest

Synonyms for harvest

Synonyms for harvest

the yield from plants in a single growing season


Related Words

the consequence of an effort or activity

the gathering of a ripened crop

the season for gathering crops

gather, as of natural products

remove from a culture or a living or dead body, as for the purposes of transplantation

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In 2018 as of February 15, 14 combine harvesters, 1 self-propelled combine harvester and 1 self-propelled mower and 3 tractors of the Rostselmash brand were received in the region's farms.
The researchers also sewed twistron harvesters into a shirt.
com)-- The new Geiger-Lund selective mechanical asparagus harvester had its debut in Nyssa, Oregon this spring (2017).
The all-wheel-drive harvester features a Perkins Tier IV engine that uses 43% less fuel per hectare than previous versions.
in the old factory to build harvesters, turning out 250 machines for the 1881 harvest.
The workers, mainly those who do the harvesting, are attributing their woes to a farm mechanization program of the government, which replaced manual labor with combine harvester machines.
Since then, the stem bending sensor has been used for yield mapping, and it can also be used for controlling a harvester.
Sharon Ross of Places for People said: "We are delighted with the positive response to the properties we are developing at Harvesters Way, our buyers really appreciate the quality and value for money.
The Magic Lantern, on Preston North Road, in North Shields, will open as a Harvester next month.
Lightning Pack's Rucksack Harvester relies on the weight of the backpack to produce kinetic energy when the backpack oscillates vertically in response to the Soldier's walking or running stride.
No Brasil, tambem sao estes os principais sistemas de colheita de madeira, tendo sido vendidos, durante a decada de 90, 129 harvesters e 191 forwarders, em comparacao com 45 feller-bunchers e 105 skidders (SANTOS, 2000).
The working cycle operations of harvesters considerably differ in duration (Siren, Tanttu 2001; Sen'kin 2006; Teterina 2009; Spinelli, Visser 2008; Wang, Greene 1999; Eliasson et al.
Two types of energy harvesters can power a typical pacemaker: linear and nonlinear.
Early reapers and binders were forerunners of stationary threshing machines and mobile combines or mechanical harvesters for grain, beans and cotton, which became available over 1930-1960s.
Energy harvesters do not necessarily make sense in all potential applications where a battery is replaced.