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Synonyms for harvest

Synonyms for harvest

Synonyms for harvest

the yield from plants in a single growing season


Related Words

the consequence of an effort or activity

the gathering of a ripened crop

the season for gathering crops

gather, as of natural products

remove from a culture or a living or dead body, as for the purposes of transplantation

References in classic literature ?
And then one afternoon, the ninth of his work in the place, when he went to get his overcoat he saw a group of men crowded before a placard on the door, and when he went over and asked what it was, they told him that beginning with the morrow his department of the harvester works would be closed until further notice!
In the afternoon and evening the proceedings of the morning were continued, Tess staying on till dusk with the body of harvesters.
Last week it emerged that farmers across Britain are reporting damage to combine harvesters as they try to cut crops in waterlogged fields.
Pickup machines then scoop up the windrows, and air flowing through the harvesters separates the nuts from debris, which now includes soil particles.
The kangaroo industry contributes to the economic wealth of regional communities through the local purchase of fuel, food and other consumables by harvesters and transport companies.
Challenging many assumptions about what constitutes "local knowledge," migrant and immigrant harvesters of non-timber forest products on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington possess useful ecological knowledge of overstory-understory relationships and how forestry practices affect understory biological and commercial production.
Furriers from all corners of the world gravitate four times a year to North Bay's Fur Harvesters Auction.
The study is the first to document the consumption habits of recreational harvesters in this area while simultaneously characterizing the nature and degree of chemical contaminants present in the area.
What are now rich forest areas for harvesting Brazil nuts might wane into an impoverished old age unless harvesters change their ways, warns a large international group of scientists.
E-mail harvesters scour places on the Internet, put addresses on a list, and send spam", says Huseman, who suggests having a public address for posting but also masking the published address to make it more difficult for machines to harvest.
TWO combine harvesters were damaged in separate blazes yesterday.
They drove back up to the settlement while the message was brought down to the harvesters.
The managers of both Harvesters have an initial pounds 250 as part of a charity fund to support a local group such as a football team or scout group.
Since biological supply companies have been unable to breed frogs in a cost-effective manner, they rely upon an international network of harvesters and distributors for their wares.
annual output capacity of 1,200 combine harvesters by 2001, with