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Synonyms for harvest

Synonyms for harvest

Synonyms for harvest

the yield from plants in a single growing season


Related Words

the consequence of an effort or activity

the gathering of a ripened crop

the season for gathering crops

gather, as of natural products

remove from a culture or a living or dead body, as for the purposes of transplantation

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When considering both variables that influence harvestability of lobsters, 97% of notched lobsters would have no longer been protected from harvest after the first molt because of either depth of notch or setal hair presence.
Growers who use Headline in corn report more vigorous plant growth and stress tolerance advantages, such as better standability, improved harvestability, bigger ears and increased yields.
In addition, the grain produced on each plant is more evenly distributed, enabling resistance to lodging (or leaning) allowing growers to harvest more quickly and in multiple directions for improved harvestability.
Even so, there was a clear difference in harvestability between different crop types.
Managers responsible for the assessment of lobster and other crustacean stocks will then have a more complete toolbox of methods generally available for assessing the size at maturity and harvestability of stocks, particularly for species like S.