harvest time

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the season for gathering crops

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Harvest time for the rare tupelo honey is nigh, and just when he needs it, his jailbird son, Jimmy (Tom Wood), calls to say that two old cronies have found Ulee's long-missing daughter-in-law, Helen (Christine Dunford).
He also teaches sowing techniques and how to nurture the plants until harvest time.
You'll end up with more potatoes at harvest time if your soil drains well and is light in density.
It's late summer, harvest time, and the afternoon sun hangs low and glowing in the sky.
You should see the things we make with corn at harvest time," Luisa says.
At harvest time, when rain is unwelcome, I once heard a pessimistic farmer ask another, "What's the forecast?
If you're going the dwarf route, two or even four trees are attractive because you get good pollination and can choose varieties that will stagger your harvest time.
Our flow was good up until October, and it could have slowed in part because it's harvest time, and farmers are doing their harvesting and not as much clean-up work.
The New Madrid facility, built in 1988 and updated with state-of-the-art milling equipment, would ease the situation at the cooperative facilities, particularly at harvest time.
At harvest time, the shocking scarlet of poppies and piercing blue of cornflowers (both banished by chemical farming from the fields) sparkle again against the delicate structures of grasses like golden oat, meadow barley and Yorkshire fog.
SEPTEMBER is harvest time across the northern hemisphere.
The other method is via a "good" mold - called the Noble Rot - that naturally attacks the grape near harvest time.
IT'S harvest time for loads of crops, so catch fruit and veg at its best - either for eating now or storing for the winter.
It is expected that the 30 MW of the plant, which is around 10 would be utilized by the sugar mill during harvest time and the rest for the grid, and 100% of the output during downtime.
Harvest Time Pick-your-own apples, snack bar, apple dumplings, cider doughnuts, wagon rides, playground, music by Korn Kob Band, 2-4 p.