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If you are over 16, you need a fishing license and appropriate stamps (trout, salmon, sturgeon) and you are legal to harvest fish in Wisconsin.
was observed using gill nets to illegally harvest fish from U.
Their diet consists mainly of forage fish and they often work as a team to harvest fish schools.
And there's the other side that likes to harvest fish.
He was at the Marine Harvest fish farm at Aultbea, Wester Ross, in May 2002 and agreed to help clear a 52ft deep fish pen when asked by friend James Bell.
corporation, not against the Tseshaht First Nation, he said and the ruling does not affect their Aboriginal right to harvest fish in large quantities.
Charles added: "How we harvest fish has a direct impact on how many are left to catch next time.
The revised wording will make it legal for anglers to harvest fish with partial fin clips.