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Synonyms for haruspex

a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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IN ANCIENT Rome, one of the muckier jobs was that of Haruspex, a man who predicted the future from studying the entrails of freshly eviscerated animals.
He would call it this: destroying redness the pons asinorum - bridge of asses breaking the bridges between triangles if triangles if said triangles sides are equal the angles opposite are if haruspex bends if the tip of her triangles if I tri I tried it in ordinary language: copying L.
Variously interpreted as a mnemonic device, a compass, an orientation tool, or an object lesson for instruction in a school of divinity (the categories are not mutually exclusive), this 3rd-century BC(3) (Dilke 1987: 202) annotated guide or map for the haruspex (one who divines by the observation of the liver) has its upper (concave) face divided into 40 houses assigned to 27 divinities, some repeated.
32) Barnett, "No Haruspex Needed to Demystify the Fiduciary," 24th Annual U.
In Egypt, dream divination fell to the priests, who were acquainted with a number of mantic and divinatory arts, and in Mesopotamia, the same titles that appear for oneiromantics also occur in reference to the haruspex, augur, and practitioners of a variety of other divinatory disciplines.