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In the meantime, the rest of the working class was more harshly treated.
The bloom and sunshine of the Four Winds world grated harshly on her; and yet, when the rain fell heavily, she pictured it beating so mercilessly down on that little grave across the harbor; and when the wind blew around the eaves she heard sad voices in it she had never heard before.
And when they chance to speak harshly, those small people, then do
Nay, fellow," said the lean Brother harshly, for he saw that Little John made sport of them, "we want none of thy company, so get thee gone.
We have no money, fellow," said the lean Friar harshly.
You have committed a very grave offense, monsieur," he said, not unkindly, "and but for the explanation made by our good friend here I should be inclined to judge you harshly.
His sons however, who had so often found occasions to prove the inexorable severity of their father's character, saw, in his sullen mien and cold eye, rather a determination to adhere to his resolutions, which usually were as obstinately enforced as they were harshly conceived, than any evidences of wavering or doubt.
Now, may the strong oppress me, and my sins be visited harshly on my own head, if I forget your honesty, however slow it has been in showing itself," cried Middleton, hastening to the side of the weeping Inez, the instant he was released; "and, friend, I pledge you the honour of a soldier, that your own part of this transaction shall be forgotten, whatever I may deem fit to have done, when I reach a place where the arm of government can make itself felt.
He gave her to understand that Frank admired her extremelythought her very beautiful and very charming; and with so much to be said for him altogether, she found she must not judge him harshly.
There was duty to be done, and it was done, but not harshly.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Family members of the gunmen that had left the town of Madhaya for militant-held regions in Idlib under a deal with the government returned to Northwestern Damascus after they were treated harshly by the terrorists ruling over Idlib.
Sayyaf is one of the most influential jihadi leaders and has been harshly criticizing the Taliban group for their insurgency activities.
That argument is one of the main rationales for punishing mere possession of child pornography, which under federal law and the laws of some states can be treated more harshly than violent crimes-more harshly even than actual abuse of children.
The Rebels boss feels his own side has been harshly criticised for finishing second in the league for a third season running.
They found female interviewers would judge both men and women with higher BMIs as less attractive, whereas men would judge their fellow gender much less harshly.