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make harsh or harsher

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What the government needs to do is to help change people's behavior in the community, instead of just harshening penalties," Al-Oleimy told Daily News Egypt.
73) In the almost hysterical harshening of border and asylum policy in Britain, desperation seems to take the place of control.
Bookmakers are now taking bets as to who will be next to fall victim to harshening conditions in the travel sector.
101) From the point of view of their practical consequences, the combined effect of these innovations could lead to a harshening of the consequences for the teams in case of anti-doping rule violations by their members, although the increase of the threshold for imposition of sanctions upon teams could sometimes lead to their release of liability as compared to WADC.
These include the consolidation of most industries, which has led to a reduction of potential acquirers, the globalization of business and the callousness and harshening of the U.