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According to the ElectroniCast study, the worldwide value of Harsh Environment Fiber Optic (HEFO) components reached an estimated $2.
Harsh Vardhan has said that India has been awarded with the Certificate of Commendation for its exemplary enforcement action in its regional and global effort to combat illegal wildlife trade.
Once eager to skip school, Harsh took to jump rope and set anew record
When designing electronics for harsh environments, the top considerations are temperature, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrical abnormalities, and mechanical strength.
To meet the needs of electronic assemblies being used in extremely harsh environments including robotics, motor sports and satellites, earlier this year Harwin also released its J-Tek jackscrew fixing for its 2mm pitch Datamate high reliability connectors.
TANK -- The son killed his father on exchanging of harsh words at Pathan Kot area said police here on Saturday.
9% of germs on hard surfaces without the harsh chemical residue, according to company officials.
Morgan can now offer customers customised and optimised sensors for use in harsh environments.
The prison conditions and harsh interrogations of detainees were more brutal than the CIA officials acknowledged to the American public and in contacts with Congress and the White House.
Washington, June 25 ( ANI ): India's Union Health Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan, has expressed his"disappointment" over the way sections of the media have distorted his statements on the efficacy of condoms in the prevention of AIDS.
The battle lines for December 4 Delhi legislative assembly elections were drawn yesterday (Wednesday) with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) naming Harsh Vardhan as its chief ministerial candidate.
Harsh was lucky just to be alive at this point, having been sentenced to hang for murder in Georgia in the late 1920s.
04, 2010, SPA -- Over 60 people suffered from hyperthermia amid harsh frosts in Moscow.
ANKARA, May 27, 2010 (TUR) -- Spokesman for the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Burak Ozugergin said Thursday harsh expressions in Armenia would neither help Armenia nor the process.
2 : a cruel and harsh act or course of action <the brutalities of prison>