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Synonyms for harrow

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

Synonyms for harrow

a cultivator that pulverizes or smooths the soil

draw a harrow over (land)

References in classic literature ?
It was no part of James's duties as assistant-master at Harrow House to wander about bestowing brotherly kisses on housemaids.
The proprietor of Harrow House was a long, grave man, one of the last to hold out against the anti-whisker crusade.
As a rule, the proprietor of Harrow House unbelted without complaint, for Bertie, as every good borrower should, had that knack of making his victim feel during the actual moment of paying over, as if he had just made a rather good investment.
London borough of harrow (lbh) xcite project is commissioning apprenticeship training provision for harrow councils new and existing staff and for some of harrows schools following central governments introduction of the apprenticeship levy in april 2017.
These harrows are regularly used on the racing surface to alleviate compaction.
In addition to conventional machines for soil preparation (disk harrows, soil preparation machines), lately the circular self-cleaning harrows, which are expensive and pose high demands on maintenance, have been frequently used (Mursec et al.
Not long ago, someone asked about the early history of disc harrows and, particularly, disc blades.
Harrows were used until the 1960s in Japan to cultivate rice paddies.
Disk harrows are one of the most versatile field tools of any kind on a farm.
Stein is also the attorney who represented Harrows Stores, Inc.
means for putting manure under the soil, clod-crushers; Harrows with non-rotating tools; Harrows with rotary non-driven tools; Elements, tools, or details of harrows; Harrows with special additional arrangements, e.
Contract notice: Adaptation of existing stations - lot t96: laying and hooks and harrows tunnel low walls and docks.
I read with great interest Ken Scharabok's article on pasture harrows and their importance in spreading manure (11/6:36).
This contract consists of five (5) following lots - Lot 1: acquisition of harrows projection and manual removal, : - Lot 2: Acquisition of harrows manual positioning : - Lot 3: Acquisition of harrows automatic deployment and manual removal, : - Lot 4: Acquire harrows deployment and automatic withdrawal : - Lot 5: acquisition systems not restart the stopped vehicles.
Some commercial flexible harrows are multi-purpose in that laid on one side they serve as dragmats, while laid on the other side, where the tines point down, they will help prepare seedbeds, cover broadcasted seed or renovate pastures by stirring up the trash.