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Synonyms for harrow

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

Synonyms for harrow

a cultivator that pulverizes or smooths the soil

draw a harrow over (land)

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The aim of the study is finding which agricultural implement uses the least time and which of the three soil preparation implements (soil preparation machine, disk harrow and circular self-cleaning harrow) requires lest fuel on the previously ploughed field.
Figure 4 shows the circular self-cleaning harrow Emy CL 25 used for the test.
Table 1 shows that the circular self-cleaning harrow and the soil preparation machine do not statistically differ in the fuel consumption, whereas the fuel consumption of the disk harrow in comparison with the soil preparation machine and circular self-cleaning harrow does.
An ancient plow believed to be the oldest horse-drawn harrow in Japan was found in an excavated ruin in Notogawa, Shiga Prefecture, archaeologists said Thursday.
Experts believe the harrow, which features a 70-centimeter-long base of Japanese cypress with three 50-cm-long oak tines, was used in the late fourth to the early fifth century.
The discovery of the harrow, unearthed at the Ishida archaeological site, indicates that cattle-drawn farming techniques were introduced from China 100 years earlier than thought.
Usually, offset disk harrows have larger disks, up to 20 to 24 inches in diameter, set on a spacing of 9 inches.
The angles in both types of disk harrows can be adjusted to regulate the cutting depth and mixing action.
This is the third Harrows store in New Jersey and represents a re-entrance of Harrows Stores in the Paramus area, after an absence of 10 years.
The size tire they recommend--truck type, 900-20 or 825-20--is a little difficult to find, but well worth the trouble, considering the cost of a new tine harrow is well over $600.
I suggest anyone considering purchasing a harrow should build one from these plans instead, take the $600 you will save, invest it in anything yielding at least 3% ($18), and use the interest every year to pay for a subscription to COUNTRYSIDE.
Flexible harrows are available from most farm equipment dealers.
Using rotational grazing makes it more practical to use a flexible harrow (or dragmat) on the pasture to spread out manure since it will be concentrated in a small area rather than scattered around a large pasture.
com)-- Harrow International School Bangkok is set to host a major gala concert event under the theme “Movie Under the Stars.
Elizabeth Hammond, Director of Development, Harrow International School Bangkok stated that this year's event would be equally if not more exciting compare to previous year's concert with the theme being “Movies under the stars,” the combined forces of the Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band and Choirs presenting the very best of the soundtracks from the top block busting chart toppers of the silver screen.