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Synonyms for harrier

a persistent attacker

a hound that resembles a foxhound but is smaller

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hawks that hunt over meadows and marshes and prey on small terrestrial animals

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He said that with only 15 hen harrier nests known in the whole of England this year and only three of them outside the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire, the project team are overjoyed the Northumberland pair has hatched out so many chicks.
Today's announcement is a wake-up call to hen harrier persecutors that their actions pose a serious threat to the future of this bird in Britain, and that any suspicion of crime against hen harriers will be a high priority for police officers.
Harrier Zeuros Ltd announces two new appointments, David Cheesman as Professional Services Director and Julia Nicholl who will take on the role of Operations Director.
The Harrier product family consists of two devices: Harrier-24 (A2510), which aggregates twenty-four 10/100/1G Ethernet ports, and Harrier-12 (A2511), which aggregates twelve 10/100/1G Ethernet ports.
As for hen harriers, there was not a single confirmed incident of human interference with hen harriers anywhere in England over the past year, nor the year before.
First lady finisher was Carolyn Summersgill of Middlesbrough and Cleveland Harriers in 29.
Seconds later the Harrier flamed out, and the pilot ejected.
The United Kingdom is a partner in the program and wants the jets to replace its Sea Harrier and GR-7 jets.
Since the Harrier family is pin-for-pin compatible, additional Harrier designs providing both oversubscribed and line-rate Ethernet aggregation can be incorporated into Huawei-3Com designs in the future with minimal engineering changes.
The marsh harrier - rarer than the golden eagle - has bred on Wirral for the first time this year.
SALE Harrier Glen Comish was first home in the Huddersfield 10k at Lockwood Park.
Morpeth Harrier Nick McCormick and Middlesbrough's Chris Tomlinson have also made the squad for the event in Leira, starting next weekend.
The vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) AV-8B Harrier II is unique among fixed wing military aircraft.
Anyone convicted of harming a hen harrier, their nests or eggs faces a fine of up to pounds 5,000 or six months in prison.
This effort will standardize the fleet to a common Harrier II Plus configuration.