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a scolding (even vicious) old woman

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Fairly irritating sober, utterly insufferable half-cut and just about tolerable unconscious, she headed out on the razz with some screeching harridans in stag capital Blackpool which, if you've never been there, is a bit like a Hieronymus Bosch painting, but with novelty fake breasts and a big dipper.
Outside White Hart Lane we have those two mutton dressed as mutton TV harridans, Tranny and Susanna.
The other women in Michael's life are stereotypically brazenly promiscuous harridans.
But last week he was fighting off the unwanted attention of those pink harridans the Beverley Sisters when he went to Buck House for his knighthood.
Dr Gillian McKeith, below, is the hard-faced "star" of You Are What You Eat, another one of these self-righteous TV harridans so bossy you want to inspect their legs for jackboot rash.
Such outbursts typify the bipolar instability of such Teutonic harridans as Elizabeth Forster-Nietzsche and Winifred Wagner, with whom Riefenstahl shared a capricious cuntishness well into old age.
Don't let two harridans and a film crew into your house.
I know that during the coverage of Beijing, the media and pundits alike will explore the substantive issues raised there, that they won't simply dog Hillary, and they certainly won't seek out conflict so they can make the conference seem like a giant, international cat fight among unreasonable, strident harridans who just can't get along.
I had been warned that the show and the audience were man-hating harridans for the most part but that was far from the truth.
NOW that Sharon Osbourne has been pensioned off to the home for clapped-out harridans, the big X Factor clash is scheduled to be between Dannii Minogue and new girl, Cheryl Cole.
The worst was a draw between two supermarkets who gave gainful employment to two harridans who should be neither seen nor heard.
I enjoy almost all of the Echo except for the television preview page where barking mad harridans issue Gestapo-like instructions on what to watch, tape or miss.
And the media fell for it, big time - especially the newly named ``opinion press,'' which surely includes all the right-wing talk-show harridans who have been agitating their listeners about the issue for months.
Dunham's creatures, all flexing lips, labia, and sphincters, bouncing testicles, and squirting members, are manic soldiers in the battle of the sexes, iconic Dickheads and Holey Harridans for an age of joyless fucking and helpless fucking-up.