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a scolding (even vicious) old woman

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While the Paris runways are about androgyny and mixing up sex and gender markers for aesthetic value, Going, founder of the new lesbian-owned and-operated fashion label Saint Harridan, is filling a longtime need among masculine women like herself.
Between swigs of already familiar "Terry brandy", the Scouse harridan shakily improvises from the confines of her chintzy lounge, before morphing, via wig-change and false teeth implants, into Brenda, one of those deluded office femmes fatales to be universally avoided.
Audrey Boyle, Clarkson''s defenders will claim that it was all "a joke" and the implication will be that anyone not sharing his particular Boys Own humour is a politically-correct, humourless, harridan.
Coren was more of a Margot, the shrill harridan whose only joy was slating her neighbours' labours.
Stu's romantic sub-plot, though, lessens the impact of the final showdown with his adulterous, harridan girlfriend (Harris).
Sandra Duncan gets her comic timing perfectly right as harridan Sybil Birling, while David Roper spills blustery egotism as her boasting husband.
LOWLY accountant Wesley Gibson (McAvoy) is trapped in a dead-end job and destined for heartbreak with a harridan girlfriend (Hager) who is sleeping with his best friend (Pratt).
She was given the chance to revisit her role as the harridan with the ice-cream cone hairdo last year when John Cleese gave permission for the character to be used in a skit for Children in Need, with Sybil trying to take over Hotel Babylon.
Sally Mathews portrayed Anne with grace, perhaps lacking the last ounce of confidence on the opening night, while patricia Bardon was more convincing in Baba's sympathetic moments than as a comic harridan.
Over the years Vera has softened, transforming from a sharp-tongued hard-faced harridan to a warm, sympathetic figure capable of touching our emotions.
The truth comes out that Pauline Fowler (Wendy Richard, above) lied about her brain tumour - but Walford's harridan shows no shame.
The woman who spoke out against patriarchal restrictions could be dismissed as a harridan or even a slut.
And supporting characters include a harridan and her hen-pecked fiance.
Ben Franklin would surely have an aphorism to share here, about the greasy palm getting the suet, while the vinegar-voiced harridan walks away empty-handed.
From here we move to Logan leaving his henpecking, harridan of a wife to attend a medical symposium at West Virginia's venerated Greenbrier resort.