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an obsolete firearm with a long barrel

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And to my follow-up query, offering to equip the Pan-Hellenic phalanxes with harquebuses, nunchucks, and Uzimounted Quidditch brooms, the tenured radicals at Brainsplatter did not respond at all.
on swivels and a greater number of harquebuses (guns) with more
Facing superior forces and armed with little more than tin cannons, archaic harquebuses, and courage, the tragic outcome of their defiance was assured.
In one of the most influential works on mounted troops of the period, "Militarie Instructions for the Cavall'rie" (1632), author John Cruso describes the armament of a harquebusier and carabine: "For offensive arms, he must have the harquebuse of two foot and a half long (the bore of 17 bullets in the pound [approximately .