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an obsolete firearm with a long barrel

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The Viceroy and his inner guard, with their harquebuses and steel armor, now look out for each other only.
The nobility, replying sparingly with their few harquebuses, were eager to attack the enemy with their swords; but the older men restrained them.
Elizabeth embarked on a modernization program that introduced the new weapons of pikes and harquebuses, and supported an army of about 11,000 men, with an additional 62,000 troops available for home defense.
And to my follow-up query, offering to equip the Pan-Hellenic phalanxes with harquebuses, nunchucks, and Uzimounted Quidditch brooms, the tenured radicals at Brainsplatter did not respond at all.
Not only does Lope order many of his fellow soldiers to be killed, he also orders to destroy their bodies with the poniards or other violent methods, as when he orders the execution of Guiral, Castillo or Villatoro "without confession", which is especially cruel according to their faith (Vazquez y Almesto 74 and 82), or the killing of Ana Rojas, an inhabitant of Margarita Island, who is hanged and then shot several times with harquebuses (Vazquez y Almesto 95).
on swivels and a greater number of harquebuses (guns) with more
The crown allowed him to take a large quantity of military stores with him, including 36 harquebuses, 12 sets of mail, 24 lances, 12 halberds, 48 swords, and 12 suits of armor.
These heretics began to persuade many of them with words as well as deeds," Jussie wrote, "for the disloyal boys got up on the city walls right next to the sisters' garden, and all day long they played with their harquebuses and sang indecent songs" (173).