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a clavier with strings that are plucked by plectra mounted on pivots

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The first three parts follow the original constitution of the manuscript: the first is devoted to the works of Chambonnieres (127 pieces); the second to the works of Louis Couperin (124 pieces); and the third contains a more diversified anthology of some 90 pieces of original harpsichord music by such composers as Girolamo Frescobaldi, Luigi Rossi, Johann Jacob Froberger, Jacques Hardel, and Henry Du Mont; and arrangements of lute music by such composers as Germain Pinel, Rene Mesangeau, and Ennemond Gaultier.
When it comes to concerts, harpsichord recitals in our country continue to be a matter for more informed audiences, as they are mainly included in the concert series focused on early music, and there aren't that many of them.
The musicians who will be performing are Virginie Bove on the flute, Sorin Alexandru Horlea on the violin, and Nicolas Melis on the harpsichord.
In 2008 he was the first early instrument specialist to be appointed as a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist and, in 2011, he gave the first solo harpsichord recital at the BBC Proms.
Bach's harpsichord concertos in D minor and A major, with Egarr as soloist, were less impressive.
This may be the first book in English specifically devoted to harpsichord touch as derived from historical perspectives.
Funaro is a facile virtuoso whose hands turn easily from technical brilliance to lyricism, humour and pure emotion bringing the harpsichord to life.
In 1972 Time Magazine called him "The high priest of the harpsichord.
Daniel Benjamin is on vocals and also plays the concerto guitar, drums, cymbals, bells and Eleni is also on vocals and plays the harpsichord, organ bass pedal and drums.
Wednesday, they will perform on organ and harpsichord at First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St.
The recording is clean and bright, although I would have liked the harpsichord to be a bit more audible.
Absolutely delightful Koopman was absolutely delightful, both playing and standing at the harpsichord to conduct.
Thanks to Ecole Notre Dame de Sion's (NDS) music-loving director, Yann de Lansalut, the historic school in Harbiye has not only a regular seasonal concert series, but a resident harpsichord.
The power of that combination of instruments seemed occasionally to overwhelm and bury Watson's nimble playing, so that the harpsichord sounded more continuo than concerto.
Look out too for the orchestra's return on Sunday March 11 for a spring concert featuring internationally acclaimed harpsichord specialist Alan Cuckston playing Bach, Beethoven and the world premiere of Dick Blackford's Harpsichord Concerto.