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a spear with a shaft and barbed point for throwing

spear with a harpoon

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Tenders are invited for: Harpoon characterisation breadboarding and testing for active debris removal (adr)(clean space)
Sea Shepherd's return has formally ended its annual anti-whaling campaign against the Japanese harpoon fleet.
So now, once we take the lead off and he's coming, our guys on the harpoons are ready to strike at the exact, right moment.
Washington, Dec 14 (ANI): Scientists at NASA want to send a spacecraft that will meet with a comet and then fire a harpoon to rapidly acquire samples from specific locations with surgical precision while hovering above the target.
In developing the recipe, Rich and I pooled our ideas and preferences to create something that we would like to drink, in much the same way that we started Harpoon.
I sat beside my 10-foot trophy and looked at the broken shafts and the rips and tears from six harpoons.
An anti-whaling activist has been indicted in Tokyo for illegally boarding the Shonan Maru II, a Japanese harpoon boat, as part of a protest against a whale hunting expedition in Antarctic seas.
In "Harpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling" environmental reporter Andrew Darby covers the history of the commercial whaling industry around the world, from early wooden arrows to the grenade-tipped harpoons of the Japanese industry.
In the meantime, his critics should keep their harpoons holstered.
This hearth, like the gallery as a whole, was stuck full of harpoons and spattered with all kinds of muck: tar, slime, mold, and seagull droppings, all of which appeared to emanate from the spot where a harpoon had pierced a grand seascape painting (a loose reworking of Frederic Edwin Church's The Icebergs, 1861) hanging over the mantel.
Modern whalers use explosive harpoons to kill whales by detonating a penthrite grenade within the head or thorax, inducing neurotrauma and death.
The harpoons are fitted with explosive heads, which explode on entering the whale.
HEARTLESS hunters are to use grenade-tipped harpoons to slaughter endangered whales.
It's a terrific story, well told and supported with numerous interesting photos of Venturas and Harpoons in the Arctic desolation that formed the stage for the drama played out nearly every day for two years.
But since Taiwan has yet to obtain P-3 aircraft and its other advanced warplanes -- French Mirage 2000s and locally developed IDFs -- are not suited to carry the more than one-ton heavy Harpoons, the Air Force opted for F-16s as a launch platform.