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a spear with a shaft and barbed point for throwing

spear with a harpoon

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Sea Shepherd said it had located all five Japanese vessels and was now in pursuit, forcing the harpooners to cut short their operation and retreat.
The bluntness of the telegram from comrade Kamentsev required us to issue the strictest warnings to the captains and harpooners of the catchers, as a result of which the rate of catches sharply declined.
The team hired the Ezyduzit, a "shark-hunting" boat run by captains Bill and Nick Chaprales, professional harpooners who could apply the tags.
Our direct relationship with the harpooners in this small fleet plus our careful selection of the highest-grade fish with white meat, a firm texture and bright blood lines that signify optimum temperature and handling, ensures that our shoppers are getting the highest quality, freshest swordfish out there.
Ahab opposes the paganism of the harpooners, Lawrence opposes the Islam of his tribesmen.
Perhaps the most climatic scene of religious rebellion in the novel takes place when Ahab performs a mock baptism on the whale barb he intends to thrust into Moby Dick, tempering it in the blood of the pagan harpooners and raging, "Ego non baptizo te in nomine patris, sed in nomine diaboli
Likewise, our conception of Ahab's relationship to the crew of the Pequod, that vessel named for an extinct tribe (not only foreshadowing the ship's destruction, but suggesting its present repression under Ahab and all repression of native by European cultures), assumes a repression of heteroglossia in the context of the natural vitality of the socially and racially mixed crew, the collection of Anglo-Saxon officers, a savage class of Negro, Indian, and Polynesian harpooners, and the working-class crew of roughs (plus the unclassifiable Ishmael himself).
What is the relationship between autocracy, democracy, and anarchy as typified in the respective meals of the officers, the harpooners, and the sharks?
She also gets to do a young slave girl, harpooners, and a weird old woman on Nantucket who sells sexual aids to women whose husbands are away at sea.
As Pease says, James superbly discusses the displaced and occluded knowledge of the Pequod's harpooners, the "unnarrated memory of the harpooners' pasts" which James invoked via his own "recollection of the histories of colonial exploitation, Indian removal, and the African slave trade that Melville's fear had disallowed" being present in the text (p.
Like all harpooners, Peters sometimes misses his mark.
Although Ishmael does not understand how the system works, he recognizes it exists, describing Que equeg and the other pagan harpooners, Stubb, Ahab, the Whales, the Pequod, and Moby Dick as connected to a "universal cannibalism of the sea" (235).
As the "savage" harpooners stoke the fires of the try-works, so Bigger, perceived by the white men who regard him as a savage, attempts to stir the ashes in the furnace.
Coopers, harpooners, blacksmiths, common sailors--sea-dogs all, and who, from what I gather, have all been saved from calamity: bedlam, suicide, starvation, shipwreck--even hanging for murder.
When combined with European deep-sea ships, the result was the expansion of whaling into a world-wide industry, with Aboriginal harpooners playing a central role.