harpoon gun

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a cannon or similar gun that fires harpoons

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No, Anderson's the kind of engineer who feeds harpoon guns with 10-foot-long two by fours, simulating how wind storms launch debris at people and property.
Then in the 1860s, a Norwegian named Svend Foyn invented the harpoon gun and the steam-powered catcher boat.
THE incident where Prince Charles was confronted by thugs with a harpoon gun was obviously a case of mistaken identity.
The Huntsville facility, which employs about 600 people, is primarily involved in the manufacture and support of defense electronic systems, including Aegis, Mk-92, Harpoon gun and missile fire control systems, infantry and armor live-fire marksmanship ranges and computer-based hypertext systems and software.
She is an expert in many types of hand-to-hand combat and proficient in the use of over 8 weapons ranging from an Uzi to a harpoon gun.
In the photograph the whaling equipment can be clearly seen with harpoon gun and harpoons and the crowd seem enthralled by the presentation of this whale by the man with the microphone.
But Kirk, who is alleged to have brought the harpoon gun down from the bedroom, and left it by the front door, then retrieved it and fired it in the face of the teenager, said Mr Baughan.
Sort of like vowing to save the whale by buying a trawler and harpoon gun.
PRINCE Charles was threatened by thugs waving a harpoon gun as he swam in the Med.
His garage overflows with Martini glasses, a harpoon gun, ties, socks, books, games, toys, lighters, key rings, badges, ashtrays, mugs, watches, playing cards, music, talcum powder, photographs, bullets, a grappling hook for climbing up volcanos, CDs and even a tin of John West salmon with Bond on the label.
We note that a jar of false eyeballs, a harpoon gun and a badly stuffed eagle were among the items which were left behind on the capital's public transport system in the past year.
A SCUBA diver took a lethal harpoon gun on to a packed tourist plane, a court heard yesterday.
PRINCE Charles was confronted by protesters armed with a harpoon gun while swimming in the Mediterranean, it emerged last night.
A schoolboy rushed to hospital after a harpoon gun went off accidentally and fired a spear into his skull.