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Synonyms for harpoon

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a spear with a shaft and barbed point for throwing

spear with a harpoon

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Kenary said that the growth of the craft brew industry, with many more flavors and styles of beer on the market, has not forced Harpoon to change its business approach.
I pulled him in by the harpoon and my "dead" gator snapped his head back at my hands, his jaws open.
Given our experience in the beverage business, we see strong potential in Ninety+ Cellars," says Dan Kenary, President of Harpoon.
Ady Gil, the Sea Shepherd's powerboat, was sliced in two in a collision with the harpoon boat in January.
Kid Harpoon will be supported by another highly rated act, PEGGY SUE AND THE PIRATES.
But the implied violence of the harpoons and the angry sea aside, Hegarty presents these scenes in a rather neutral light; they are tableaux, evoking the theatrical staginess of a fable rather than anything real.
Secondary killing methods include additional explosive harpoons and/or rifle fire.
The harpoon from a Japanese whaling ship landed just ahead of a Greenpeace inflatable, killing its target.
It's a terrific story, well told and supported with numerous interesting photos of Venturas and Harpoons in the Arctic desolation that formed the stage for the drama played out nearly every day for two years.
Hundreds of whales are blown to smithereens by a grenade-tipped harpoon - a method dating back to the 19th century.
A prototype harpoon was shot into representative satellite material to assess its penetration, its strength as the target is pulled close and the generation of additional fragments that might threaten the e.
Tenders are invited for: Harpoon characterisation breadboarding and testing for active debris removal (adr)(clean space)
Andrew Morris, 30, even fired a harpoon at Henry Stangroom while he slept but it just grazed him.
Sea Shepherd's return has formally ended its annual anti-whaling campaign against the Japanese harpoon fleet.