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shaped in the form of a harp

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The harp-shaped Knap Lake, Barry, has been drained to allow workmen to remove rubbish and debris that has gathered over the years.
We've bought a camper van - complete with kitchen and space for a harp, which makes the bed harp-shaped.
Some prefer a swivel peeler, while others prefer a harp-shaped one.
This was so-called because it boasted a Philips Philco radio and on the bonnet there was a mascot just like a Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy but in the form of a harp-shaped woman.
Their horns also are more harp-shaped instead of curved and open like the Highlanders, again more closely representing the aurochs.
For example, one of our big sellers is an Irish coffee mug, with a shamrock design and harp-shaped handle.