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Synonyms for harness


put in harness


in harness: working


Synonyms for harness

a support consisting of an arrangement of straps for holding something to the body (especially one supporting a person suspended from a parachute)

stable gear consisting of an arrangement of leather straps fitted to a draft animal so that it can be attached to and pull a cart

put a harness



exploit the power of

Related Words

control and direct with or as if by reins

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Whether your choose the original SOP, SOP FastBack or SOP FastBack Deluxe, all harnesses offer tangle-free, fully adjustable straps, and include a lineman-style climbing rope and prussic knot, enabling continuous contact with the tree when ascending and descending.
By the time the Iditarod rolled around in March of 1987, several mushers had switched to Taiga harnesses and Franzen's business got worldwide exposure.
8220;Our new DEUS X Class harnesses are a true game changer,” said Shain Rae, chief executive officer, DEUS Rescue.
The LaBarge-built wiring harnesses will be installed in cockpits of the UH-60M and HH-60L Medevac models of the BLACK HAWK.
Our product fitment forecasts predict in some detail how the market for wiring harnesses by vehicle application will evolve in Europe, Japan and North America from 2002 through 2012.
Market volumes of wiring harnesses fitted to newly-assembled passenger cars and light vehicles, 2008-2028, (039;000s units)
The wire harnesses are manufactured at AFL Automotive's facility in Acuna, Mexico and then shipped to Polaris' Roseau, Minnesota and Spirit Lake, Iowa, manufacturing plants where the RANGER is produced.
The scope of this report includes the entire range of automotive wiring harnesses for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles available in the Global Automotive Wiring Harness market.
The design of harnesses in complex electromechanical platforms such as automobiles, aircraft and trains requires tight collaboration between the mechanical and electrical CAD applications to reduce the design time, support concurrent engineering and increase design quality.
We plan to donate hundreds of harnesses to our friends that serve proudly in our military and children with disabilities that require the assistance of a pet.
LOUIS -- LaBarge to manufacture wiring harnesses for Eclipse 500 VLJ (very light jet) program
The harnesses may not meet the voluntary load specifications set forth by the FIA (Federation Internationale DE L'Automobile), which oversees racing safety.
Additionally VeSys Design is the only software in its class that with a few mouse clicks can perform 13 different kinds of electrical simulations and instantly view a circuit in operation, enabling engineers to verify their harnesses, eliminate prototypes, eliminate scrap and get working products to market faster.
Harness Software, founded in 1991 by Chairman Michael Goldstone, provides manufacturers and designers of electrical wire harnesses with the specialist solutions needed to optimize the quality of design and manufacture, and minimize engineering time and costs.