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Synonyms for harmonize

Synonyms for harmonize

to combine and adapt in order to attain a particular effect

to come to an understanding or to terms

to be compatible or in correspondence

to live or act together in harmony

Synonyms for harmonize

sing or play in harmony


Related Words

bring (several things) into consonance or relate harmoniously

bring into consonance or accord

bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing

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harmonizing assessment and verification techniques to ensure companies meet and maintain privacy program standards;
AACC's position statement on harmonizing clinical laboratory test results is the first of a planned compendium of such statements that will detail the association's stance on important healthcare issues.
This report presents the work of the Council for International Organizations of Medical Science's working group on the "Development Safety Update Report: Harmonizing the Format and Content for Periodic Safety Reporting During Clinical Trials," which involved the participation of senior scientists from drug regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical companies in proposing and drafting an internationally harmonized pre-approval document that would summarize the safety experience and explain actions proposed or taken for a pharmaceutical clinical trial or for an entire pharmaceutical development program.
He also noted that the profession has an opportunity, through state societies and contacts with the state boards, to make sure that the boards actively consider harmonizing their rules to the AICPA.
Ayurvedic teachings are all about balance: harmonizing emotions, eating in balance, learning how to balance out the elements within your own body.
He argued that international regulators need to work harder at harmonizing standards and enforcement and noted that little is done outside the U.
Richard Frederick, administrator at the OECD in Paris, said the joint approach to drafting the accounting framework was a major step in harmonizing international accounting practices.
Under HST, assuming the transportation and delivery of the goods occurs entirely within the harmonizing provinces, will the freight charges attract the 15-percent HST?
Additional harmonizing measures--including limitations on bank ownership of nonfinancial institutions, initial capital requirements, and provisions relating to the identity, extent of holdings, and suitability of major shareholders--are contained in the Second Banking Directive.
EADS is making a major stride towards harmonizing its landscape and as a result will improve communications between its divisions, reduce time-to-market and increase overall product quality.
The project aims at assessing, harmonizing and analysing Earth Observation (EO) marine data products, from EU and third party missions, in support of Copernicus Climate and Marine Services.
In addition, on January 20, 1997, Tax Executives Institute testified in support of proposed legislation harmonizing the federal GST and provincial sales tax systems in the Maritime Provinces.
Lead singer Jo Cohen gets both wicked wit and heart-palpitating anguish into her tales of befogged romance, made all the more blood-curdling by Cherilyn DiMond's razor-blade harmonizing.
Educational institutions and individual governments can cooperate with their respective licensing authorities by harmonizing accounting curriculums as well as by enacting legislation to regulate the public accounting profession in light of recommendations made by various licensing authorities.
Today, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies have begun to recognize the benefit in harmonizing their business processes and technology throughout the continent, while maintaining national specificity.