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involving or characterized by harmony

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CBI solutions will address these critical imperatives by cleansing, harmonizing, and integrating client-identified, "must-have" data and then turning that data into decision-ready insights delivered through issue-targeted "directional alerts," templates, ad hoc tools, forward-looking applications and other intelligent agents that are generated or deployed immediately following the availability of individual and/or harmonized data sets.
Let me assure you that our members stand ready to lend their substantial expertise and experience to assist the government in implementing a workable, harmonized structure.
Revision of the CLSI Quality Management Systems documents: A Quality Management System Model for Health Care (HS1-A2); Application of a Quality Management System Model for Laboratory Services (GP26-A3); and Continuous Quality Improvement: Integrating Five Key Quality System Components (GP22-A2) to be harmonized with ISO 15189 Medical laboratories - Particular requirements for quality and competence, ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, and other identified standards
The purpose of our approach is to free the Department's and TEI's representatives from the constraints of a hyper-technical or polemical submission in order to facilitate a meaningful dialogue about the opportunities and challenges of adopting and administering a harmonized federal and provincial consumption tax system.
TEI is mindful that significant political, fiscal, and administrative hurdles must be surmounted to satisfy the provinces' concerns in respect of a fully harmonized consumption tax system.
21, the code paves the way for a harmonized approach for monitoring suppliers' performance across several areas of social responsibility, including labor and employment practices, health and safety, ethics, and protection of the environment.
Finance advised that, if the federal and provincial systems were harmonized, the provincial systems would likely be adapted to the federal system.
Global healthcare systems are critical to the global economy, and harmonized healthcare standards are critical to global health care.
Specifications for the Content Reference Forum are being harmonized with relevant standards from MPEG, OASIS, W3C and WS-I.
the global leader in Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) software, today announced the launch of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Wizard.
Convera (Nasdaq:CNVR), a leading provider of search and categorization software for enterprises and government agencies, today announced RetrievalWare has been selected as the search technology for the Customs and Border Protection Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) handbook.
Nasal calcitonin product indications have also been harmonized and will include an osteoporosis indication.
International Plasma Protein Congress 2003 Keynote Address Focuses on Harmonized Regulations and Patient and Customer Involvement
The MCO270P01 is specific for ETSI TS 101 952 Option A for European Harmonized Impedance (Zc1), and the MCO320P01 is specific for ETSI TS 101 952 Option B for European Harmonized Impedance (Zc1) and British Telecom Impedance (Zc2).
CDISC now has 85 corporate sponsors and members and is continuing to make progress towards its goal of creating a global, harmonized CDISC standard through the concerted efforts of its many participating volunteers.
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