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Synonyms for harmonization

Synonyms for harmonization

a piece of harmonized music

singing in harmony

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Secretary Board of Investment (BOI), Azhar Ali Chaudhry in his concluding remarks said, 'Food safety and harmonization of standards both are extremely important.
Harmonization enables a process that offers the following benefits:
I am glad that our workshop not only attracted industry professionals at the event; it also gave insights to the government officials attending the event, including the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture, who felt that the workshop has helped to promote public awareness of harmonization in ASEAN among the private sector," said Evon Chan, regional regulatory affairs adviser at EAS.
The field of plasma protein measurements may serve as an example for issues encountered in the quest for the long-term harmonization of measurements of complex biomolecules (7).
Bernie Clark, executive vice president of Schwab Advisor Services, told me during an interview in Washington in early May that Schwab's mission is to ensure that a fiduciary rule is not coupled with harmonization of broker and advisor rules.
The programme also aims at increasing the number of qualified instructors in the area of harmonization of family, and preparation of Bahraini cadres who will have direct contact with a number of those who will get married in schools, institutes and universities, in addition to ensuring the achieving of the desired awareness through rehabilitation of those specialists to hold training programmes.
In an acknowledgement of the difficulty of gaining political consensus for large-scale sweeping Union intervention following a seminal report from the High Level Group of Experts in 2002, the EU harmonization strategy has moved towards a less rigid form and has been marked by an increasingly broad use of alternative instruments in the form of national codes to enable flexibility and mutual recognition among Member States.
Korea FTA, CIER said that the agreement is the result of regulatory harmonization between the both sides, as over a half of the chapters in the written agreement are finalized through harmonization of rules and regulations set in the two different countries.
This paper integrates formal (de jure) and material (de facto) harmonization measurements into one study.
This concerns only the harmonization with the legal provisions of the EU as the other provisions are not disputable," said Branko Azeski, president of the Economic Chamber.
The financial market of the West African Economic and Mone tary Union (WAEMU) mobilized 1,800 billion CFAF in 14 years to the benefit of co u ntries, regional and international institutions, as well as private companies, P A NA learnt Wednesday at the opening in Bamako, Mali, of a sensitization seminar o n the harmonization of taxation on securities within the organization.
The conference report accompanying the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2010 directed GAO to assess the joint report of the (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on harmonization of their regulatory approaches.
During the conference, government and private-sector stakeholders involved with both on-farm produce GAP standards/audits and post-farm gate audit protocols presented overviews of their own systems, followed by group break-outs exploring questions about the potential value of harmonization and greater alignment of standards.
On February 26, 2009, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, urging the harmonization of the province's retail sales tax with the federal Goods and Services Tax in Canada.
reinsurance companies, it makes sense that the most efficient regulatory structure would involve harmonization among regulatory systems to address international or cross-border reinsurance transactions.