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Synonyms for harmonization

Synonyms for harmonization

a piece of harmonized music

singing in harmony

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International Consortium for Harmonization of Clinical Laboratory Results.
Finally, Part V draws insights from a theoretical perspective to explain the unfeasibility of European harmonization in the realm of corporate governance.
It also cannot be clearly maintained that based on blur position of accounting standards harmonization in Indonesia, the accounting practices and companies' choices of accounting treatments under PSAK have successfully been harmonized.
Nonetheless, it is unquestionable that harmonization is here to stay and that trade officials will seek to apply it further.
Far from applying to the EU case alone, this statement tends to apply to the harmonization process wherever it occurs.
and see its effects as a separate issue from ASTM/ISO harmonization.
In the long run, the "level playing field" provided by harmonization (and the attendant market efficiency) should be expanded to include financial institution regulation, audit requirements, ethical standards, and tax and custom policies.
To this end, the Single European Act replaced unanimous voting with "qualified majority voting" for the Council's adoption of most harmonization measures necessary to achieve the internal market.
Project name : Tf010987 - Global Medicines Regulartory Harmonization - Hdnhe Partnership/management Coordination
In this Q&A, experts in harmonization of test results offer their opinions on the current state of the art and how we might make it better.
The scorecard provides a strategic assessment of the ongoing standards harmonization in the sector with special focus on health supplements.
This concerns only the harmonization with the legal provisions of the EU as the other provisions are not disputable," said Branko Azeski, president of the Economic Chamber.
Abstract: This paper presents a current view and an analysis of the issue "Development and Evaluation of Accounting Harmonization Processes in the Czech Republic with International Accounting Standards/International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS)".
The conference report accompanying the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2010 directed GAO to assess the joint report of the (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on harmonization of their regulatory approaches.
During the conference, government and private-sector stakeholders involved with both on-farm produce GAP standards/audits and post-farm gate audit protocols presented overviews of their own systems, followed by group break-outs exploring questions about the potential value of harmonization and greater alignment of standards.