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a free-reed instrument in which air is forced through the reeds by bellows

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THE Preachers and Pulpits exhibition features a number of items from local disbanded chapels, including pulpits, preachers' chairs, harmoniums, biers and banners.
bar] Museum worker Stuart Evans playing the portable chapel harmonium at the Ceredigion Museum
This was followed by the much- awaited qawwali party led by Husain Khan and his group of eight men in black sherwani s and fur caps on harmoniums and percussions.
Associated with the Big Apple's "antifolk" scene, her sophisticated sound is produced with acoustic guitars, pianos, organs, harmoniums, xylophones and zithers.
Le menestrel (34 [1867]:192) reports that Louis Lefebure-Wely, Lebeau, Widor, Albert Lavignac, and "other talented artists" evoked "delicious effects" on Debain's harmoniums during daily concerts at the 1867 Universal Exposition.
Today, it is hard to imagine that the harmonium ever had a high profile among musical instruments.
Despite the instrument's period of favor, original music for solo harmonium is not plentiful.
Since Franck's harmonium works are among the most significant collections of solo harmonium music (albeit of the ecclesiastical type), two new editions published by Alphonse Leduc and Schott/Universal may help burnish the reputation of this forgotten instrument.
Leduc's L'oeuvre pour harmonium, edited by Joel-Marie Fauquet and Joris Verdin (1998), purports to be the "first publication of the complete works for harmonium by Cesar Franck" (p.
Prefatory sections address Franck's harmonium works, the sources, critical notes, and the characteristics and technique of the instrument.