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a free-reed instrument in which air is forced through the reeds by bellows

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The case was adjourned until September 21 while the defendant, who denies any knowledge of the drugs and said that the harmonium was a gift, was remanded in custody.
While in the Bagatelles the Schauron Ensemble take into account the tender sonic background of the harmonium, which only bestirs in the third and fourth movements, when it comes to the Terzetto, the first two, hyperlyrical movements just prepare the ground for the jovial scherzo and the impetuous variation-filled finale.
From banjo and mandolin to violin and harmonium, discover a wholesome and dynamic sound which resonates in classic folk roots.
These awards recognize the superior product design and quality of the company's Harmonium xf[sup.
Singing in both English and Welsh, Jess plays piano and harmonium and is joined by Noel Doak on double bass, percussion, beats and live looping.
In close proximity, a `Hujra' had been created wherein musicians were presenting folk Pushto music "Tank Takor" whilst playing traditional musical instruments like `Rabab', Table and Harmonium.
Included in the new studio's arsenal of instruments is a 200 year old Harmonium which was rescued from a local church.
The golden voiced five took a break from vocal duties to work through a wonderfully rhythmic, fun and funky cover of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Music For A Found Harmonium.
He also used computers, perhaps most effectively when he emulated a harmonium.
Singer and harmonium player Sara McCarthy is the organisational force behind Sounding Cov, fronting an ensemble that will include keyboardist Steve Tromans, saxophonist Bruce Coates, guitarist Tom Ford and drummer Sam Marchant.
However, the video, apparently shot on a mobile phone, shows a person sitting on the floor and playing a ghazal on a harmonium.
This live acoustic gig, for which he's backed by like-minded players, is a subtle surprise which may put you in mind of Bruce Springsteen's Seeger Sessions when the band kicks in on banjo, fiddle and harmonium.
Montreal, Canada has created a new division,"Lallemand Health Solutions," consolidating the internationally recognized probiotic manufacturers Institut Rose11 and Harmonium International into one entity.
Constantly switching vocalists and instruments, the band's sound was nothing short of glorious, with everything from upright bass and mandolins to banjo, piano, bouzouki and a harmonium combining to create a hi–octane take on folk–rock.
Prior to Fiorente, Ballymacoll Stud sold the Stoute-trained Glass Harmonium to Australia in 2010, after which he won the Group 1 Mackinnon Stakes.