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involving or characterized by harmony

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This new harmonised standard, which aligns with the 2006 version of OIML R76, will be of interest to manufacturers of non-automatic weighing instruments as through its use Member States, as specified in Article 6 of Directive 2009/23/EC, and Article 12 of Directive 2014/32/EU, on non-automatic weighing instrument, are able to presume conformity with the essential requirements set out in Annex I, of the Directive, in respect of instruments which comply with the relevant national standards implementing the harmonised standards that meet those requirements.
Sessions will cover everything from business mapping to personal development and be led by Haani Ul Hasnain of Harmonised World.
Currently training requirements are not harmonised in Europe, and trainings on the job and the skills required from construction companies differ very much throughout Europe.
Saudi Arabia risks losing out on massive GDP growth if it fails to release harmonised spectrum for LTE , according to a report from the GSMA.
Release of Harmonised Spectrum Would Generate an Additional US$100 Billion in GDP from 2013 - 2025 and Help Create Over 400,000 New Jobs in the Kingdom.
The harmonised consumer price index, the figure calculated by the statistics board for comparison with inflation in the European Union, was 0.
At the same time, it will prepare procedures and processes ensuring pharmacovigilance probes staged across the EU are harmonised and their results recognised in all member states.
Despite publicly backing change, following the controversial demotion of Dar Re Mi after the Prix Vermeille last September, France-Galop president Edouard de Rothschild said yesterday: "It seems that harmonised interference rules are not to be expected in Europe in the short term.
Also they are unaware of the new Atex harmonised standards and how these standards affect equipment being sourced," says Chris Chant, business development manager at Okazaki Manufacturing Company (OMC).
A spokesman for the trade organisations and agencies Freshfel, Shaffe and ColeapACP said harmonised standards would cut costs and reward growers who invested in good agricultural practice.
The British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body recommended yesterday that the systems in the Republic and the North should be harmonised.
The need to build regulatory electricity capacity and harmonised market structures in the SADC has led to regional co-operation between independent power regulators.
Under the terms of the proposal, parts of EU airspace would be taken out of national control to allow air traffic control systems across the 15-nation bloc to be harmonised.
Semiconductor Chip Topographies - Establishment of Harmonised National Rights
Planning Unit has as main objective to develop and validate a set of harmonised